Evil Terrorist Still At Large

Margaret Thatcher– Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. She would have nothing to do with him or his African National Congress, a “typical terrorist organisation”.

US president Ronald Reagan opposed a 1986 congressional resolution calling on South Africa’s apartheid regime to release Mandela and recognise the African National Congress.

In the ’80s, the “moral clarity” of Thatcher and Reagan helped the apartheid regime convince most white South Africans they were in a “terrorist war”, involving a “total onslaught on civilised values”. Since the terrorists didn’t play by the rules, nor could the state if it was to defend its citizens. The crucial conclusion, one that resonates loudly through the smoke and fury and fear of the contemporary “war on terror”, was that this justified an extraordinary distortion of the rule of law: it no longer applied equally to everyone.

No way in today’s world would Decent Anglosphere figures demonise millions of people as terrorists to pursue their own agendas, justify torture and wars of aggression, couldn’t happen, we’ve made progress.

Whatever the sentence Your Worship sees fit to impose upon me for the crime for which I have been convicted before this court may it rest assured that when my sentence has been completed, I will still be moved as men are always moved, by their conscience. I will still be moved by my dislike of the race discrimination against my people. When I come out from serving my sentence, I will take up again, as best I can, the struggle for the removal of those injustices until they are finally abolished.

-Nelson Mandela


4 Responses to “Evil Terrorist Still At Large”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Thatcher was an economic terrorist against the majority of the British people.

  2. Bina Says:

    And now Reagan is dead of senile brain rot, and Thatcher is well on her way to the same fate. While Nelson Mandela is still going strong, as is Desmond Tutu. Both of them are still sharp as tacks in their old age.

    “Moral clarity”. Shyeah.

    • RickB Says:

      Reagan was past it in his second term, Thatcher was an alcoholic for most of hers, I’d like to think evil takes a heavy toll but…

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