Andy Worthington On Amnesty, Gita Sahgal & Moazzam Begg

I think this can reasonably be called expert opinion and is required reading to anyone interested in this issue (and not just because he references one of my previous posts, although clearly he displays consummate good taste there!). He very perceptively notes how this is being used as a vehicle by some figures with pre-existing agendas that are in fact at odds with human rights. This is the wider context that I think those immediately rushing to seeing this in stark terms are crucially lacking. There is also this transcript made by Earwicga of Gita Sahgal’s short interview on the Today programme (and oh dear is that Justin ‘Dim but Dim’ Webb interviewing her, oh Today, poor wee programme). He also has had much time to talk and debate with Moazzam Begg, something Sahgal hasn’t which is why I think she should spend some time talking with him rather than journalists looking to stir things.

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  1. earwicga Says:

    Thank you for the link. I have also transcripted the BBC World Service Newshour interview with Gita Sahgal and Asim Qureshi 09 February 2010, and also the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme’s interview with Widney Brown regarding Gita Sahgal’s “misrepresentations” on Today and about what Amnesty International stands for, 11 February 2010.

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