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He always was a total wanker, Richard Madeley defending Blair’s war crimes (ht2 AD). This is just waiting for the comedy remixes which I expect are already being made. Also I hear that Hitler was a nice chap (hey Madeley started it with the V2 nonsense, somehow Iraq becomes Nazi Germany to Dickhead).

Of course the serious point is he is an important part of the popular media establishment, who think they are well informed if they read a newspaper or two then some minister gives them some ‘insider gossip’ and verily they know the truth, they then pimp it out to viewers of varying levels of gullibility. Less seriously it’s the style they have chosen for this awful clip, like a mid 90’s educational film about the need to wear condoms by a celebrity, or Hitler will win, Churchill wore condoms and no one hauled him up before an inquiry. Or something… It’s almost as funny as the disingenuous nonsense -dealt with by Though Cowards Flinch–  by the Young Fabians (sadly there is crossover with Left Foot Forward). The witless are really oozing out of the woodwork now their idol risks his halo being dislodged in the popular memory.


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  1. earwicga Says:

    Good find and thanks for posting. Richard Madely’s claim that every govt in the world believed Iraq had WMD is laughable. I also watched Tony Blair at the Iraq Inquiry and Blair was not saying ‘regime change’ and liberating Iraq of WMD was the same thing at all. Madeley spin methinks. Sickening actually.

  2. RickB Says:

    Well it is the daily politics, a shower of shit if ever there was one. I am impressed he actually used the Nazis war of aggression to defend.. a war of aggression, well done him!

  3. RickB Says:

    I’ve found another clip which has a similar high level of lofty rhetoric and faultless reasoning-


  4. HarpyMarx Says:

    Oh, dear…. Young Fabians…dodgy history, dodgy politics, dodgy people. James Purnell started off his political life in the Young Fabians….

  5. RickB Says:

    Indeed, they proudly proclaim-
    ‘All the young MPs elected at the 1997 and 2001 elections were Young Fabians and, during those parliaments, there were more Fabian MPs than Tory MPs.’

    So no wonder they want to convince themselves they aren’t all war criminals. Interesting they choose to support Blair as part and parcel of supporting the war, why do they put me in mind of scientologists?

    • HarpyMarx Says:

      Well, it is like the whole ideology of NL…follow thy leader and don’t think for yourself. Cult of the leader etc. Cultish behaviour…

      • RickB Says:

        Cultish was that…?!?!!?

      • HarpyMarx Says:

        I just meant following the leader, never questioning, that’s what I meant by cultish behaviour.. Not thinking for yourself etc etc. They let Bliar get away with an illegal and barbaric war as they were too spineless to speak out (with the exception of the usual leftie MPs). That was what I meant, you seemed confused by what I said.

        • otto Says:

          I remember Robin Cook (RIP) and his stunning resignation speech. Even the Tories appluded him. I read it up in Hansard on news of his death…really worth revisiting.

        • jim Says:

          It’s more about following the money combined with `career progression’. There is no cause, cult or actual moral political belief with these people.

  6. otto Says:

    AWGAWD! I remember him…from breakfast teevee way back when. Yes, he always was an utter utter jerkoff, him and his amazingly irritating wife..Judith summink?

  7. RickB Says:

    And I forgot to also mention…The Music! Like a Republican election ad or a Prop 8 spot!

  8. HarpyMarx Says:

    Otto, well Robin Cook (excellent speech it was too) was an exception to the NL rule along with John Denham who had the guts to resign and speak out against Iraq war. It took Claire Short two mths to resign.
    But the vast majority were spineless drones who supported Bliar. NL is cultish, cult like, in its behaviour.

  9. libhom Says:

    This guy’s pretty, but he can’t type.

  10. otto Says:

    Ok, biting the bullet here. I read The Times by default, btw. An old habit that has never died hard.

    I can guess just how popular Matthew Parris is round here, Cameron supporter and that (sidebar, ‘cameron’ in spanish = prawn or shrimp), but he makes some very solid observations on Blair in this note.


    Make a yoke around Blair’s neck out of Iraq, the same style as Watergate was one for Nixon? One that will keep him out of power and influence forevermore amen? Yep, that works.

  11. Bina Says:

    Well. There goes my theory that British pundits are smarter than their Yank counterparts. Nope–they’re just as stupid. Only their accents are nicer.

  12. GDAEman Says:

    Revisionist history. In every episode of GDAE Podcast I beat the drum on the prosecution of Bush administration officials for their numerous crimes.

    Trotting this guy out is evidence of their fear of prosecution. The king has no clothes. We need to challenge the very legitimacy of governments that would turn a blind eye to clear evidence of crimes, and not stop at the issue of torture.

    Judging from the number of comments, you hit a chord on this post.

  13. Pretty vacant Madeley and Alastair gets the boohoos « Harpymarx Says:

    […] Much, much, more at Madam Miaow and Rick […]

  14. Shamik Das Says:

    Always a pleasure to be called a wanker, and a witless one at that!

  15. RickB Says:

    No Shamik, Madeley is the wanker, your apparent defence of the pro-Blair post is witless, I know YF’s might like to conflate things but that is pretty clear in my post.

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