Art or Extinction

Look! It’s evil me, channelling Dr. Mabuse & Professor X through the Happy Famous Artist’s Lichtenstein Device, there are some terrifying & reassuring Rules For A New Decade too.

And in glorious big vision me, her, him.

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Oldies But Goldies

An almost evergreen hold on popularity that Cliff Richard would envy and as with many corporate pop stars the whys and wherefores of who actually performs the vocals and who wrote it really don’t matter, nor should we ponder too hard whether a fanbase is the the same thing as an effective military organisation. Osama rocks the mic, don’t let the naysayers steal your fear thrill (level: Severe! Get the fuck down to that, imagine the level if robot drones were invading our sky and wiping us out at will, level: Awesome, The Bringer Of Freedom & Democracy™)-

“What my work is actually trying to do is debunk conspiracy theories by saying that the world is complex, fragmented and that as those in power increasingly run out of ideas – which I think they have done since the 90s – they themselves have turned to conspiracy theories in order to justify their flailing exercise of power without any vision.” He talks in lighter, more childish voice than the rich gravitas with which he narrates his films and his rather babyish face lights up as he leans across the table, becoming excited as he spins the accusations against him back onto his accusers. “I mean who’s the bigger conspiracy theorist, me or the people who allege that there’s an international terrorist organisation run by a man in a cave, stroking a cat? I went and interviewed some journalists – who would only talk to me if it was off the record – and they said ‘Oh yeah we make it up. It’s not like there’s an al-Qaeda press office that is going to come back and complain’. The idea of a vast network of sleeper cells waiting to rise up at bin Laden’s command was a completely fake, fictional thing and I did my best to tear it apart.” (ht2 Bill)

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