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The US Army had Alexis Hutchinson thrown in jail and took her child from her because she took her role as a mother seriously, they have now filed four separate court martial charges against her. She was meant to deploy to Afghanistan but when her childcare arrangements fell through, she made the decision not to abandon her child. Clearly the Taliban are not the only military force in the conflict that victimises women.

Alexis and Kamani Hutchinson

Courage to Resist (go to link to sign) will print and mail this letter on your behalf. We will also CC President Obama and the commanding general of US Army FORSCOM

“I appeal to you to find a compassionate resolution to a difficult situation. Please drop the charges against Spc. Hutchinson.”

Dear Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Phillip,

I am shocked and disappointed that four separate court martial charges have been brought against Specialist Alexis Hutchinson, a single parent with a one-year old son, who missed deployment in early November 2009 when her childcare plan fell through at the last moment, due to circumstances beyond her control.

In anticipation of deployment in early October 2009, Spc Hutchinson did travel to California and left her son Kamani with her mother Angelique Hughes in Oakland, California, as per her Army family care plan.

After caring for Kamani for a week, Ms. Hughes realized that she was unable to care for the infant in addition to her other duties to a special-needs daughter, an ailing mother, and an ailing sister. Ms. Hughes immediately contacted her daughter and her Ft. Stewart chain of command to inform them that she was simply unable to care for Kamani as planned. Ms. Hughes returned Kamani to her mother at Ft. Stewart.

Alexis and Kamani Hutchinson
The Army initially allowed for an extension of time to find another option; however, the extension was revoked. Spc Hutchinson understood that that Kamani would be taken away from her and placed in the county foster care system. Facing the real risk of permanently loosing her parental rights, Spc Hutchinson admittedly was AWOL for approximately 24 hours and missed her unit’s deployment.

I appeal to you to find a compassionate resolution to a difficult situation. Please drop the charges against Spc. Hutchinson.

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Phillip
Deputy Commanding General—Rear
3rd Infantry Division (M)
42 Wayne Place, Suite 200
Fort Stewart, GA 31314-5000

General Charles Campbell
1777 Hardee Avenue SW
Fort McPherson, GA 30330-1062

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

A Work of Art

This transcends its purpose and becomes a testimony to the intelligence, honesty, humanity and integrity of people and the failure for those qualities to be made essential in our elites. I’m going back to read some more, have a look yourself.

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