Peace & Arms Deals- ‘the IDF’s qualitative edge’

While Clinton creates another piece of theatre in the ongoing fictitious peace process… what are these self declared peace seeking Nobeled saints actually talking about-

The Bush administration violated security related agreements with Israel in which the U.S. promised to preserve the IDF’s qualitative edge over Arab armies, according to senior officials in the Obama administration and Israel.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak traveled to the U.S. in September for a rushed meeting in which it was agreed that the two allies would discuss how to resolve the problems regarding this issue.

U.S. National Security Adviser General James Jones is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Tuesday for what is likely to be talks on the issue of the IDF’s qualitative edge. Senior sources in the current U.S. administration, and senior officials at the foreign and defense ministries in Israel, have suggested that during the last year of the Bush administration the U.S. sold advanced military equipment to moderate Arab states – Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The Americans justified the arms sales with the need to bolster these countries against the perceived threat posed by Iran.

In an address before the National Jewish Democratic Council, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, commented on the matter. “We discovered that the qualitative edge of the IDF has been eroded,” Oren said. “We came to the Obama administration and said: ‘Listen, we have a problem.'”

According to Oren the response of the Obama administration was positive and immediate. “They said they are going to deal with this matter and ensure that the qualitative edge of the IDF is preserved,” he said. “Since then we have embarked on a dialogue [on preserving the IDF’s qualitative edge].”

The arms transfers that were particularly disturbing for Israel were of advanced air and naval systems. For example, the U.S. sold Saudi Arabia advanced F-15 fighter-bombers, similar to the ones it sold Israel. According to Israeli assessments, following the U.S. sales to the Saudi kingdom, the Saudi Air Force is currently in possession of 200-250 aircraft of this type.

In addition, the U.S. sold Saudi Arabia and other Arab states satellite-guided and laser-guided “smart bombs” for their fighter aircraft, as well as advanced anti-ship missiles and electronic suites for aircraft, all similar to the equipment in the IDF.

Toward the end of the Bush term in office, the defense establishment recommended to the political leadership to raise the issue with the incoming U.S. administration. Defense establishment officials warned that the U.S. is arming countries in the moderate Arab camp in “a way that erodes the qualitative edge of the IDF, especially in the air.”

In recent months officials close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began quiet exchanges with their U.S. counterparts on ways of retaining the IDF’s balance of arms. The negotiations are held at the highest levels, with the White House and the Pentagon.

In September, for example, a day before the start of the United Nations General Assembly conference in New York, Barak traveled to Washington and the purpose of his meetings there were kept under wraps. At the time, the defense minister’s office announced that Barak had met with Jones and other senior administration officials in order to discuss the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians.

In subsequent talks between the Obama administration and Israel, Israeli officials have stressed that the arms provided with the aim of bolstering moderate Arab states against Iran could be directed in the future against Israel. A number of meetings have taken place since, in an effort to “assess the damage” and find ways of securing the IDF’s qualitative edge. Last week, Haaretz reported that the Obama administration will sell advanced weapons systems to Arab states.

According to the weekly Jewish publication Forward, as a result of Israeli concerns the Obama administration intends to make changes to deals that the Bush administration signed with Arab states and are currently being implemented.

So further confirmation of the legal requirement the US imposed on itself to maintain Israel’s military superiority (22 USC Sec. 2776) and a rather predictable glimpse of the Bush regime’s fondness for money and aggression towards Iran, which apparently meant to the entitled Zionists superior arms sales were insufficiently centred on Israel even if they liked the Iran bashing (but it seems that is their gig and they do not trust Arabs to do it even if the neocons attempts to divide and conquer Shia and Sunni worked), so they whine and Obama promises to do better. Y’konw, the guy with the peace prize. That would be two sides of the peace talks promising to ensure the third party and all others in the region are militarily weak. Yes of course they seek peace, isn’t that what they said? And politician’s would never lie. Which is also perhaps why when the IAEA was ‘concerned’ over Israel’s rogue nukes, it was reported virtually nowhere and aid convoys can be delayed and attacked. Our country along with the US, Israel and Egypt are conspiring to besiege Gaza, which is also not a very peace seeking thing to do. And dutifully our media tell us about the peace process as if bullies’ conditions for submission are such a great deal.

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  1. GDAEman Says:

    Yea, Israel has nukes, DIME weapons, white phosphorus and surely computer-integrated communications technology from the US. This whole affair is as important for what it doesn’t say: Israel is getting anxious, because it is slipping.

    Boycott, Divest, Sanctions

    BTW: Google now automatically fills in Boycott, Divest, Sanctions if you type “Israel Boy”

  2. RickB Says:

    I would also ponder they are envisaging them not being the only nuclear power at some point, so they need to have superior ‘conventional’ weapons by the bucket load. Also they seem to be in a sort of test Obama scheme, by pushing far harder than they would a repub to make sure his admin delivers what they actually want. So far they need not be too worried.

    So it does…expect some outraged Zionist kickback there!

  3. ralfast Says:

    And so the U.S. launches itself into the tar pit that is Israel and feeds them high tech weapons that end up in the hands of India, China and eventually Iran (because the Israelis are mercenary that way). So when somebody radar ends up picking up the latest U.S. flying toy (suitably named the F-22 Raptor, a name that carries so many levels of irony and meaning I dare not even scratch the surface) from a 100 miles away and wonder why its vaunted stealth tech doesn’t work, they need not look further than Tel Aviv.

    Of course the U.S. needs to funnel weapons to the Israelis so that they “test them under combat conditions” (i.e. bomb Palestinian refugee camps) as well as deflate the gargantuan cost per unit of their own munitions. Never mind that it is simply an accounting trick, since all weapons to Israel are financed by U.S. “loans” under, and I kid you not, a series of programs, all of which start with the word “Peace”!

  4. RickB Says:

    Thanks for adding the extra information, and indeed they provide an invaluable testing laboratory. The hold of weapons makers on elected reps is legendary so yes this too is a make work scheme (and a redistribution of tax revenue to arms makers and Israel) no one dare question. Peace needs a context that encourages peace, this creates/perpetuates the conditions for conflict while ‘peace talks’ doomed to fail make the entire concept seem impossible, and thus war pimps gain more power and might makes right remains the realpolitik truth of affairs because they are designed to prove it by lovers of violence.

  5. GDAEman Says:

    One of many books on the military industrial [congressional] complex” Fortress America: The Military Industrial Complex by William Greider.


  6. RickB Says:

    Thanks, 3rd world traveller host some good texts.

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