Another Colombian Death Squad Gets Away With It

Via IKN, Colombia is the nation the US and UK ally with in Latin America, now some may put that all down to geopolitics of capital, sphere of influence or whatever but just as with Pinochet I think in some measure it is because they are doing what some of our elite wish they could do, exterminate leftist opposition, the unemployed and the poor. It’s because a large part of our establishment are also crypto fascist militarists, they love a ‘strong man’ in power to partner with, democracy is a word they use in order to get votes and the concept travels no further than that. Don’t think of this horror being an unconnected manifestation of something uniquely Colombian in a fuzzy nationalist/racist manner, it’s a matter of degrees and we can certainly see this from where we currently stand. See here for Justice for Colombia and campaigns to cease UK aiding and abetting this regime.

It is with revulsion that we learn of a Colombian court’s decision yesterday to release 17 Colombian Army personnel for the 2008 Soacha murder case.

The officers and soldiers were awaiting trial for conspiring to kidnap and kill unemployed young men in a slum on Bogotá’s outskirts, only to present their bodies hundreds of miles away as those of armed-group members killed in combat. By raising their “body count” through this unconscionable scheme, the soldiers qualified for a schedule of rewards, as established by Defense Ministry orders. This so-called “False Positives” scandal now involves hundreds of cases since 2002 under official investigation all over Colombia, with over 1,000 potential victims.

Because of its high-profile nature — it forced the resignation of Army chief Gen. Mario Montoya — the Soacha case is a key test of whether Colombia would be able to investigate and punish these crimes.

Colombia is failing that test. Yesterday, 17 alleged perpetrators were released because a judge decided that prosecutors’ time had run out. This issue had come up before, in October. At the time, a judge avoided letting the soldiers go free, giving prosecutors a 90-day extension. He agreed that most of the delay was the fault of the soldiers’ defense lawyers, who were clearly trying to “run out the clock” by throwing up a series of procedural roadblocks, including demands that the murders be tried in Colombia’s military justice system instead of the civilian courts.

It appears that the delaying tactics have worked. The message this sends about impunity for human rights abuse — even in the most egregious cases, like Soacha — could hardly be more poisonous. It is also a huge slap in the face to the Soacha victims’ grieving relatives, who had already been receiving threats..


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  1. otto Says:


  2. RickB Says:

    The confidence of the killers is predictable yet breathtaking, threatening relatives, which blows all the honourable military bullshit out of the water (Z is great for showing that vanity), serial killers in uniform.

  3. libhomo Says:

    The US corporate media keep portraying Columbia as a Democracy. It’s so surreal.

  4. RickB Says:

    democracy=good, so they call things they desire democracy so we think we should support and want it, it’s marketing and a blatant lie. So this tells us they desire death squads to control the population and labour costs, almost nice of them to be so obvious as to their intentions.

  5. Ignorant Fascist CIA Operative Says:

    You people have forgotten or never actually bothered to find out that this decision can -and has- been appealed by the prosecution. Perhaps it would be wise of you to wait and see what happens before screaming your hearts out.

    And for the sake of argument, murderers in the U.S. and elsewhere have been freed due to legal technicalities and worse. Don’t try to pretend that’s exclusive to

    As for Justice for Colombia, their criticism would be worth something if they weren’t so extremely kind to FARC in every way, shape or form. Because, you know, that’s totally not biased and sickening either.

  6. Ignorant Fascist CIA Operative Says:

    Btw, I wonder if you’ll report when and if the decision manags to be overturned. Probably not.

  7. RickB Says:

    The impunity of paramilitary forces and military units is not unique to Colombia however it is a marked fact there and is a criminal conspiracy supported by US government groups and US military trained Colombian personnel. To pretend this is an isolated case comparable to the US and not a signifier of systematic abuses is disingenuous in the extreme, or disinformation if you prefer the tradecraft nomenclature. In fact often such covert extermination policies occur where the CIA operates, funny that…
    You will just have to keep reading to see if your prejudices are confirmed, or you can subscribe by email!

    PS As for Justice For Colombia, as the government does not fund FARC they cannot campaign to stop funding can they? However our govts. do fund the state which colludes with paramilitaries in the majority of abuses. FARC do commit abuses too but our tax revenue does not fund them (although some peoples’ cocaine habits and businesses might, which brings us back to the…CIA).

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