Jean Charles de Menezes Permanent Memorial Unveiled

Photo- Harpymarx

More @ Harpymarx and her Flickr stream. Almost lost in the seasonal fog was the news that Cressida Dick was awarded a Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service, yes really. Such is the level of sincere contrition from our establishment at executing Jean Charles, ie None. RIP Jean Charles de Menezes, and sorry to his family, Britain is not the country it should be, much to our shame.


2 Responses to “Jean Charles de Menezes Permanent Memorial Unveiled”

  1. otto Says:

    “…She oversaw the operation that mistook Mr de Menezes for a suicide bomber…..”

    I’ve now read that Beeb report 3 times and still can’t quite believe it. They’ll never take me alive, RB.

    RIP JCdM indeed.

  2. RickB Says:

    It’s ‘mistook’ that is just far too polite, he was brown, they were pumped and full of war on terror porn (and had been to see Israeli shoot to kill head shot training) and… they were allowed to lie at the inquest. Or when the truth appeared in their minds they ‘mistook ‘ it for things they should not think or say.

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