Taser International co-founder and CEO Rick Smith shows how the company's X-26 Taser can be mounted to a rifle. The X-26 is being used in this manner by the military in Iraq. (pic. In These Times)

In November there was outcry after a 10-year-old American girl was tasered by police called in by her mother when she refused to take a shower. Police have so often been accused of using Tasers gratuitously that the firm started fitting them with digital cameras that recorded every firing. This “Taser-cam” got the firm’s boffins thinking: why not equip police with cameras that can record entire incidents (not just the brief moment when a Taser is used) and even beam the recordings instantly back to the higher-ups at headquarters?

The result is a “tactical on-officer network computer” called AXON, which is being tested by several police forces in America. Recordings are uploaded to a restricted website, evidence.com, to be viewed by approved personnel. Mr Smith says that the creation of a sort of “secure YouTube of global law enforcement” could be beneficial both for the public, who would get more accountable police, and for officers on the beat, who could be vindicated more quickly if falsely accused of brutality. But the biggest winner would be Taser, which expects to charge $1,700 for the hardware, plus $99 per device per month to manage all the data.

Mmm yes if there’s one thing our police murdering people has shown is that when video exist of the crime they certainly are forthcoming with it…Jeebus, Martina and Jeremy, this will give Taser inc and police HQ a head start in muddying the waters, counter claiming and defending from brutality and wrongful death suits and if the video inescapably proves Tasers killed a person… Yeah that will get released voluntarily by the police and Taser Inc. sure it will, you can have their word on that as manufactures and users of non-lethal weapons …that have killed over three hundred people. Who have autopsy reports altered and sues local authorities for protecting their own citizens as part of an ‘aggressive’ global legal campaign to destroy negative information about their non-lethal lethal weapons.

Oh and remember all the new gear they have coming, of course we are buying some-

Last June it launched the XREP (extended range electronic projectile), a wireless device that can be fired from a shotgun to zap someone up to 100 feet (30 metres) away. Unlike the pinprick caused by the original wired dart, which has a range of up to 35 feet, “this will leave an ugly mark, but it won’t kill you,” says Mr Smith. In November it launched the X3, a semi-automatic stun-gun that allows three shots, “in case the first one misses”.

the Home Office is considering issuing UK police forces with the new wireless stun gun called the Taser X-REP

One Third of UK TASER Usage is by Non-Firearms Officers

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