Sir Howard Newby Does Not Have Carnal Relations With Badgers

Just to make it abundantly clear to legal action averse and ‘Sir’ Howard I wish to state categorically that he does not in any way have carnal relations with badgers. And nor does his fragrant wife Lady Sheila Newby. If, for example, one were to leave him (or her) alone with several nubile young badgers, a tube of KY, a bottle of wine and a DVD of ‘Badger Watch’ no untoward activity would take place. Badgers, not to put too fine a point on it, are entirely safe from moral danger and lasciviousness while in the company of the Newbys. Running universities and personal ethics however are another matter.

27 Responses to “Sir Howard Newby Does Not Have Carnal Relations With Badgers”

  1. Derek Wall Says:

    Good for you for blogging about this, depressing that blogs are being shut for writing stories about Sir H

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey Derek, hopefully enough will so he backs off his aggressive stance (and WP having more backbone would be good) and of course remember, he does not have sex with badgers! Might post more depending on how things unfold.

  3. BristleKRS Says:

    Definitely not a badger-botherer, but wolverines, by Jove, now that’s a different matter entirely…

  4. RickB Says:

    Wolverines?!?! Dammit, Howie has some questions to answer!

  5. Derek Wall Says:

    Sir Howard Newby watch is another blog that has been shut down, its all google cached though.

    I guess comparing him to David Brent on ‘Sir Howard Newby Watch’ was legally problematic.

  6. RickB Says:

    Have you read this Grauniad piece?
    I think he should treasure comparisons to Brent!

    Somewhat bizarrely this post is now moving up the google results for his name, I am glad the internet can be informed of his absolutely upstanding behaviour vis a vis badgers.

  7. earwicga Says:

    As I think I’ve advised you before. Badgers are evil and no human should go near them.

  8. RickB Says:

    Well clearly ‘Sir’ Howie wisely follows your advice!

  9. earwicga Says:

    Is it time for pics and videos yet?

  10. RickB Says:

    Yes, but of course, no badger porn!

  11. RickB Says:

    Ok typo fixed!

  12. earwicga Says:

    Have you seen the film TMBG got their name from? Looks good. From Wiki: “Justin Playfair (Scott) is a millionaire who retreats into fantasy after the death of his wife, imagining himself to be Sherlock Holmes, the legendary fictional detective. Complete with deerstalker hat, pipe and violin, he spends his days in a home-made criminal laboratory, constantly paranoid about plots hatched by his (Holmes’s) arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty.”

  13. otto Says:


  14. RickB Says:

    Yes I saw the film ages ago, George C Scott was always a pretty interesting actor.

    Lamont is ‘The Badger’

  15. BristleKRS Says:


    Sir Howard’s badger shame caught up with him when he visited Beijing Institute of Technology a while back…

  16. thebristolblogger Says:

    Full name and address of the complainant is:

    Mr Kevan Ryan
    Director of Legal Services
    The University of Liverpool
    The Foundation Building
    765 Brownlow Hill
    Liverpool L69 7ZX

    It’s nice to know the taxpayers paying to protect Sir Howard from questions over his private business affairs isn’t it?

  17. RickB Says:

    Wait a minute, this isn’t about badgers?!?!?
    That tends to happen when neoliberal ‘Sirs’ are involved. Think of it as a bold new privatisation strategy.

  18. RickB Says:

    Thanks Derek, good article especially on the whole culture of neoliberal corporatism/ managerialism that has invaded our universities.

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