Viva Mexico

For passing a basic common sense bill with simple equal language-

By a margin of 39 to 20, the Federal District Assembly approved a bill redefining “marriage” as the “free uniting of two PERSONS” earlier today.

Cue conservatives throwing their rattles out of the pram-

Naturally, Felipe Calderón is already looking for some way to challenge the bill in the courts and Armando Martinez, the president of something called the College of Catholic Attorneys is whining about El Grinches stealing Christmas. He is quoted in the New York Times as saying the Federal District Assembly “have given Mexicans the most bitter Christmas.”

We all have our right wing to bear… but I love the wording, no civil partnership bollocks, just saying marriage -if you so choose to do it- is what it should be, two people getting hitched.


2 Responses to “Viva Mexico”

  1. ralfast Says:

    Like the bloodshed that has killed tens of thousands in the so called “Mexican Drug War” hasn’t done that for the country already.

  2. RickB Says:

    Apparently to the right wing elite people getting married is far more offensive than Plan Mexico’s bodycount. And ‘the most bitter’ (!?!?!?) no shortage of hyperbole from that bigot. So, for example, being nuked or invaded by people eating aliens he’d just say- ‘well that’s pretty bitter but hey, at least Teh Gays aren’t getting wed’ as his irradiated legs were munched off by Star Emperor Thargun’s Podtroopers.

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