Military & Families Against The War

Military families and former soldiers will travel from across the country on Monday to demand that Gordon Brown brings the troops home from Afghanistan. They will deliver a petition signed by tens of thousands who believe that the war in Afghanistan is futile to the Prime Minister at Downing Street at 5pm.

Graham Knight, whose son was killed in Afghanistan, said: “We want to remind the government of the sacrifices our loved ones have made and continue to make. “This government has taken us into two wars – unprepared, underfunded and under false pretences.”

Joan Humphries, the grandmother of Kevin Elliot who was killed in August, will also join the protest at Downing Street. “I feel very strongly that the war is unjust and we have no chance of winning,” she said.

Among the former soldiers who will join the families to deliver the petition are Ben Griffin, who served as an SAS soldier in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Kevin Roach who served in Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo and World War II veterans Bertie Lewis, who served in Bomber Command, and Jim Radford.

Mr Knight added: “Christmas is always a time of reflection for people who have suffered loss. But we don’t have to suffer alone and we don’t have to suffer in silence. In holding a vigil in Downing Street for the loved ones we have lost, we also want to remind the government that over 60 per cent of the British public think the troops should come home.”

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