For Shelter & The Free Gig

I have my doubts about the reasoning for the RATM for Xmas thing being as I love the song but this seems to trivialise it while simultaneously validating the Xmas Number One…but…. as they are giving their windfall income from the song selling to Shelter and promise a free gig if it makes it to No. 1, beating the X Factor drivel, it is worth a go (although surely a seasonal version with ‘Bah Humbug I won’t do what you tell me’ alternating with ‘Fuck You’ should be on the cards with jingle bells added, what?). Details at the Facebook page, cheapest place to buy that figures in charts is Tunetribe (no bulk purchases that will be ignored) at 49p or this arcane way of doing it for free. This is them this week doing a live performance for Radio 5-

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  1. HarpyMarx Says:

    I must admit anything that wipes the smile from Cowell’s face is great in my books. Pre-packaged soulless anonymous commodified dross ‘cos that’s what X-Factor represents. Rage against the Cowell machine that is killing music. Well, I downloaded my track … corporate capitalism hurrah…. but I still think there is a potent political message that rebels against the mindless tack that is known as the X-Factor and serves the f*ckers right. And Joe looks like an extra from The Osmonds…

    Drum roll please…and a one and a two and a one, two, three…

    “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me….”

  2. RickB Says:

    One thing I forgot to say in its favour is, that KitN is not an Xmas song, so it works for any religion or atheists (although the X factor one is some Miley Cyrus ballad?? so I guess that also applies, ooh they’re clever). I think the Xmas number one should always give all money to deserving causes*, then even though it would be used to promote subsequent carp at least if Cowell has it sewn up some good comes of it.

    *eg. Relocating Blair, bankers (and those who moonlight as welfare gurus), warmongers and tabloid pundits to the warzones they help create and letting them spread ‘freedom & democracy’ single handed!

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