That Newsnight Piece Trafigura Want Memory Holed

(Trafigura dumps toxic waste, people suffer & die on the Ivory Coast, Trafigura uses Carter Ruck to silence reporting with our draconian libel laws etc. I was mid real world stuff so missed out on the first round of this with the commons question stuff) From Don’t Get Fooled Again Via D-Notice (and more linksCensored Newsnight Story-pdf)-

I have downloaded the clips in case it disappears, please repost and spread it around. Google cache of the missing page here.

PS. Another report is still up (which had me confused at first) worth a read too.

PPS. On an ontological tangent, I take back ‘real world stuff’ this is real world too, I should say I was too busy with immediate family concerns to do much reading/surfing.

11 Responses to “That Newsnight Piece Trafigura Want Memory Holed”

  1. Kit Says:

    I was much the same – regarding your first PS.

  2. RickB Says:

    Yes, Trafigura must be after a very specific goal which presumably a legal issue turns on and would cost them money in spades if pursued.

  3. Kit Says:

    I’m only just getting around to reading about the latest developments. Apparently, its okay to say that “Trafigura knew that waste dumped in Ivory Coast in 2006 was hazardous” as the BBC do in the report that is still up. However, Trafigura / Carter-Ruck silence allegations that Trafigura’s toxic waste caused deaths.

    Do you think its worth getting like-minded bloggers to help google bomb Trafigura? e.g. Encourage bloggers to post a further post with a search engine friendly title along the lines of ‘Trafigura’s dumped toxic waste resulting in deaths. Carter-Ruck are stopping you finding out’. Perhaps encourage fellow bloggers to link other same titled blog posts to ensure a high search ranking. Maybe agree to all use the similar pictures so that the pictures come up in image searches for Trafigura, etc.

    If we all agreed to post the important message that Trafigura caused deaths, they could sue us all, right?

    I might try to set this up tomorrow. Do you think its a good idea? If you do, and I did, would you do it?

  4. Kit Says:

    Correction – That should read “they couldn’t sue us all, right?”

  5. Kit Says:

    Perhaps this is unnecessary – I was just thinking aloud.

  6. RickB Says:

    Hi, Kit, if a lot of people do it I would think they would not be able to take us all on and as the clip is up on loads of blogs I think their strategy is stop big media doing it and hope no one pays too much attention to blogs (old skool ain’t they?). So I think you have a good idea there I would put it to Richard Wilson at Don’t Get Fooled again
    Then maybe if a lot of blogs do it en masse first thing monday and do a hastag on twitter maybe #TrafiguraCausedDeaths it should do the trick. Count me in!

  7. Kit Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement. I shall do it.

  8. RickB Says:

    Cool, from 00:01 Monday I will post it up.

  9. Kit Says:

    I’ve sent him an e-mail

  10. Kit Says:

    After speaking to other bloggers it became apparent that there were a few flaws in my plan. Tim Ireland has said that he would help work on an idea, so, hopefully another means of keeping up the pressure will be figured out soon. Either way, I shall keep you updated.

  11. RickB Says:

    Ok, thanks Kit.

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