The Secret Of How To Stay Delusional

Make sure even your biographer Anthony Seldon is similarly in-fucking-sane. Yes clearly Tony Blair committing to Bush’s invasion of Iraq to alleviate ‘Iraqi suffering’ was really just the parable of the good Samaritan writ large. Um, just to be clear when you were alleviating this suffering why did you precede it with sanctions that killed half a million children and deliberately destroyed Iraq’s water system, then when the ‘shock & awe’ began (was that to alleviate suffering? Of course it was!) bombed infrastructure so food, power and sanitation was destroyed. I mean I really want to know how this alleviates ‘Iraqi suffering’ and is evidence of great concern for the Iraq people. I think it aids regime change by weakening a nation through collective punishment so when the opportunity to attack comes it is a walk over but that is not the same thing. Saddam Hussein=bad so anything we do to Iraq=good is about as retarded as you get, but nice try though you mad evil fuckos.


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  1. Bina Says:

    Wow. Some people really will talk themselves into just about anything. Even the Bible, which is hands-down the most brutal, pornographic, violent book I’ve ever read, doesn’t claim “compassion” as an excuse for annihilating people.

  2. Mmm whatcha say? That you only meant well? Of course you did « Though Cowards Flinch Says:

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  3. RickB Says:

    The more Blair tries the creepier he reveals himself to be, he’s a lot closer to Bush that we ever imagined, except smarter. Also blows his claim that religion didn’t play as much a part -as some have revealed- when a biblical analogy pops up so readily (albeit in psychotic ways!).

  4. opit Says:

    I wondered about his ‘conversion’ to Roman Catholicism…and the recent dust-up where the Church of England is subject to a proposal for raiding shortly after Canterbury has a changeover. Not that today’s Pontiff has a track record for sound media bytes.
    I picked up a copy of ‘The Ghost’…a novel where Blair has to recruit a new ghostwriter. It looks like fun.
    Joe Bageant has a wonderful essay out for British consumption that invalidates the premise quite all Yanks are brain dead.

    I’ve been blogging a connection between the NPT and Global Warming since the 4th at Today I noticed the big gun had arrived on the Copenhagen scam
    Learn about Climate Change & the Copenhagen Summit

    • RickB Says:

      Joe Bageant is great. Is Global Research flirting with the sceptics? Or being sceptical of capitalism’s ability to solve problems it creates?

  5. ralfast Says:

    A the banality and insanity of eveil!

  6. RickB Says:

    In Seldon’s case it might the evil of banality!

  7. opit Says:

    Global Research isn’t just ‘flirting with skeptics’, Rick. It is hosting a number of articles in a special section dealing with scientific dissent on the matter. You know : that little idea of peer review and alternatives to Conventional Wisdom. ( We wouldn’t want that, would we ? )
    ( I note you picked up on the deliberate destruction of Iraqi infrastructure. This is what I expect for Afghanistan too : more emulation of Somalia’s plight. Water – Wealth & Power includes that file…and other stuff as scary. )
    I’ve got a bit of a ‘two-fer’ to report on all this. So as for it to make sense, best start with and then to
    There’s much more, of course, scattered around news updates. CFACT is another cache of ‘denial’ ( try reality ) : but it really is hard to get one’s head around such a classic Big Lie.

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