Maybe Israeli Security Are All On Vista…

Lily Sussman’s Macbook was destroyed by Israeli security, shot three times for being…erm ‘suspicious passanger luggage‘ but the goons were so rubbish the hard drive was recoverable! Read her story at her blog (ht2 Mondoweiss).


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  1. ralfast Says:

    Blow it up? That’s not how controlled demolitions are done. This was deliberate destruction of property (probably done with an assault rifle).

    Really shows you how guilt-driven fear twists the collective mind.

  2. RickB Says:

    Yes I think this shows that bullets fail to install well on Snow Leopard. It’s security as an excuse to punish and intimidate people they wish to oppress and their allies. Garrison state thuggery.

  3. opit Says:

    One of my first online linkages on WordPress was with a young woman who was part of a blog circle nagging at the reasons the U.K. went to Iraq. Prior prison time as an incentive to respect the state under the War Measures Act re: ‘security’ was cited as part of her unsolicited education. She soon disappeared into the University of Liverpool and her blog disappeared likewise. Later even her search parameters were obscured by drivel : Mary Ann Davies writing a Mrs. S. something or other that is outside my cultural acclimitization : can’t recall it’s full name.
    But I was running another crazy search yesterday that cited disappearances in the U.S. by the thousand as the norm. In a nation of 2.3 million in prison – about half in Texas – there’s no shortage of spots for political prisoners to be held. Nor would there be much of a problem inviting us, I’m sure.

    Just feeling parannoyed. My index isn’t resolving online.
    I posted on how Israel is a cooperative venture with the USA after reading an article in Haaretz back in 06 about how the Oval Office encouraged and funded the extremist right-wing in the Knesset.After a week the thing was behind a subscription wall…still protected by copyright; a fine recipe for collective amnesia. The ‘overreaction’ to Gazan ‘provocation’ – kidnapping 2 soldiers – was cited as a result.

  4. RickB Says:

    I would ponder maybe the rigours of student life left her blogging a poor relation, but it is true many people disappear each year but I think ennui, debt, abuse and angst are the big factors. It’s always best to have some kind of social/public profile, it is insurance against victimisation.

    A pay wall is the least of the Israel Lobby and the US governments weapons, no mainstream media will touch Palestinian rights or US/Zionist geopolitical axis with a barge pole. But times are beginning to change, Mondoweiss is at the forefront I think

    • earwicga Says:

      That might be, but Mondoweiss might want to sort out their casual sexism before I visit them again.

      • RickB Says:

        If you are letting a derogatory comment about Madonna -that was removed- keep you from probably the most important US blog on opening up the debate on Palestine and Israel, in the empire that underwrites Zionism, then you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. This is an ongoing ethno/religious violent colonial program and apartheid affecting not just the millions there but the whole world and I don’t disregard a whole blog even though I disagree or have found some of it offends me (every so often a right wing anti zionist has a post and he offends me with his bizarre world view) because the larger realities compel my attention.

        • earwicga Says:

          Yes, that would be a realistic reason for not visiting a blog…not. It couldn’t be that the site is overwhelmingly male, by males for males could it? I’m glad you can overlook that, but I don’t.

  5. RickB Says:

    If they rejoiced in asserting patriarchy I would agree but they do not. I am saying they are doing important work, if your litmus test of worth prioritises gender issues or gender of authorship then fine, but I would think that limits you in a counterproductive fashion in some areas.

  6. jim Says:

    Thanks for taking it in the genuine banter spirit that it was meant.

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