Lobo On Sales Tour Laundering The Honduran Coup

TEGUCIGALPA, Dec 8 (IPS) – Porfirio Lobo set out on an international tour Tuesday in an effort to gain recognition from the international community of his recent triumph in the presidential elections organised by the de facto government in Honduras that seized power five months ago.

Amnesty International, meanwhile, called for an independent investigation to ensure all those responsible for human rights abuses committed since the Jun. 28 coup that removed President Manuel Zelaya are brought to justice and the victims given reparations.

Lobo’s first stop will be Costa Rica, where he plans to meet with President Óscar Arias, who he will ask for support in winning over the governments of Latin America that have refused to accept the results of the Nov. 29 elections because Zelaya, who was removed at gunpoint from the country in the coup, was not reinstated to serve out the rest of his term, which was to end on Jan. 27.

Meanwhile Real News Network has two good reports, yesterday’s you might have seen and a new one today-
Honduran elections exposed

Honduras: An election validated through blood and repression

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