No Shit Sherlock

In London 93% of the population is in reach of eight or more megabytes per second, but in Wales it is 38.4%, while more than one quarter cannot access even two megabyte services.

Lord Roberts of Llandudno “Figures show Wales is still lagging behind when it comes to broadband access and speed. We need to look at how to prioritise areas that cannot currently access broadband. I appreciate that it is important that broadband expansion is carried out in a manner that is commercially viable, but we must not lose sight of the fact that accountants must not have the last word.”

And even when you have theoretical 8MB shitty infrastructure means you don’t. Commercially viable must not be the deciding factor, by that rule we would not have had electricity & telephone lines, rail or roads in many parts. What once nationalised utilities built for the public commons decays where profit is not to be found, the inequality of access to services and quality of infrastructure is a function of the neoliberal state. Our future is going to look like a backward joke at this rate.

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  1. otto Says:

    I’ve heard rumours about countries with megabyte connections….i wonder what it’s like?

  2. wyamarus Says:

    In the good old US of A,we poor folks out in the countryside have to make do with a 24k dialup connection. No Shit.The telcos are basically abandoning the copper infrastructure out in the rural areas to concentrate their operations in the urban business market. This also doesn’t mean that just because you live in the city you can expect high speed access,either. They exclude the poorer neighborhoods even while they run the fiber cabling and put the switches in the middle of them. My current transfer speed is running around 26k tonight, and my latency usually runs 999ms+ (it is out of range of my IP monitoring software; nobody is expected to have 1 second delays on ‘modern’ telephone equipment but it means that most current websites simply don’t work because you get timed-out constantly. When they spend money on wars and banker’s bonuses, it also means that they then have an excuse to not spend money on schools, hospitals, roads,or anything remotely related to ‘quality of life’ for the rest of us.

    • RickB Says:

      That’s terrible and just the situation that can happen if it is left to profit motives and deregulated infrastructure. You have my sympathies!

  3. libhomo Says:

    They should tax the big online retailers to pay for it.

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