Stereotyped Conspiracy Myths & Their Uses

Many are attracted to the relaxing & fashionable casual attire while playing with a large horn.

After my comment I thought it best to expand based on a personal story-

It began innocently enough, a small slice of emmental in the corner of the fridge, who could object to some tasty fermented dairy product (well ok vegans but nevermind). Then an old cuckoo clock from an elderly relative found its way onto my wall, fair enough we all need to tell the time. For practical matters a multi-bladed penknife multi-tool is ideal so no objections were raised when the handy pocket implement made an appearance. Then needing to launder some proceeds from drug smuggling, child pornography and arms sales, a secret and private bank account was called for, a solution presented itself. Soon the profits and my tax avoidance allowed for overpriced skiing holidays and yodelling lessons, it all seemed so innocent. I even found myself particularly enjoying the finale of the Sound of Music. But then an offhanded cryptic comment from an acquaintance as he made to leave for his Nazi gold appreciation society- Had I ever thought of the of joining the Swiss Caliphate? What did he mean? Puzzled, that night I lay awake tossing and turning (stop that), then with a dawning realisation the horror crept throuhg my whole body. I dropped the executive model penknife with scissors I was idly trimming my fingernails with, rushed to the fridge and yes, there was the sliver of emmental balefully glaring back at me, but by now it was joined by half a kilo of gruyère, some raclette and a slab of appenzeller. Tripping over my skis I yodelled in surprise as my head hit the floor only regaining consciousness with the mechanical cuckoo-ing of the clock, checking the time by my Swatch, yes, it was accurate. Yet the nightmare I had awakened to continued, I ran to the computer, searched for help and eureka, a solution was at hand, like garlic and stakes to a vampire the menace of the Swiss could be counteracted with minarets. I telephoned my local Islamic architect and set the plans in motion and before long a low minaret of a Tatar aspect filled most of my flat, I was safe. So dear reader I urge you to be vigilant, the Swiss will not rest until they control the planet, keep a minaret at hand at all times and foreswear the over hyped cheese, over priced watches and crime enabling banking.

I can only hope our government informs the populace of this menace and a referendum is held to allow such important factual matters to be addressed. It is the only sane and informed thing to do and not at all pandering to reactionary fantasies constructed to facilitate further bigoted oppression…or anything.

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8 Responses to “Stereotyped Conspiracy Myths & Their Uses”

  1. jim Says:

    Yes, democracy is fine so long as it gives you the result that you personally want at all times. Or preferably, do not allow the question to be tested!

  2. ralfast Says:

    Not an excuse to suppress a minority.

  3. ralfast Says:

    C&L has an excellent post on the subject:

    • RickB Says:

      Except the update they added which has to mention terrorist plots and which mosques ‘ should actually cause any concern’ if they can’t talk about racism without mentioning extremist terrorists they clearly aren’t managing to separate Muslims from prejudiced perceptions themselves. If they mention a church or Synagogue do they always include mention of Christian terrorists or Zionist terror?

    • jim Says:

      Hyperbole in the extreme. Besides, this ban on minarets will be overturned by the liberal elite who think they know better than the great unwashed or simply ignored.

  4. RickB Says:

    It’s state discrimination based on religious/racial grounds, it’s your basic thin end of a fascist wedge, ask a Holocaust survivor.

    • jim Says:

      Let’s get rid of the state. I, remember, years ago reading Murray Bookchin, the green anarchist. If memory serves, he promoted the use of a voting machine in every house. But it still leaves the questions of what is asked, and by whom, and for what motive!

  5. RickB Says:

    Ah yes, I used to bepretty excited by direct voting, electronic machine etc, then as usual the reality, they are controlled by corporations who have an agenda made them a nightmare. But still more engagement and control by people is a just aim, for now I would say we are allowed a vote when the choices are not too damaging to vested interests (capital and ruling class interests) which is a simulacrum of democracy and no more. This vote was held because the prevailing right wing establishment figured it would get its way thanks to media and neoliberal social pressures. More engagement would also necessitate more democratising of media and the enshrining of basic principles, the Human Rights act would be a good starting point. It knew the lessons of WW2 that we are busy ignoring.

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