Sorting the Imperialists From The Liberals

This is risible. What Moore is doing is giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and hoping (foolishly but still) he might live up to the peace prize winning rhetoric, so to attack him on grounds of pedantry belies the utter poverty of the pro-escalation policy. Just as New Labour going along with the wars of aggression this seems it will split ‘progressives’ or to be more precise it will reveal those whose beliefs had more to do with hating Republicans than actually objecting to violent US domination of earth.
It’s the imperialism stupid.


4 Responses to “Sorting the Imperialists From The Liberals”

  1. Dave Dubya Says:

    As we plainly see, progressives have little or no voice in the Democratic Party.

    Liberalism and democracy are long dead in the US Government. It has become a vast right wing engine of empire and corporate profiteering. Even IF Obama was as liberal as the Reich Wing claims he is, there is nothing he will do to change anything of consequence. Obama understands the American Reich would soon send him to his own Dealey Plaza if he gets out of line.

  2. RickB Says:

    Can you imagine if he was as left wing as they hysterically scream? Oh to live in that world.

  3. Dave Semple Says:

    Absolutely RickB, bring on the vast Marxist conspiracy plotting to nationalise the entire US economy right down to the bootstraps of those plucky entrepeneurs.

    Liberalism, of course, has a grand old history of supporting imperial endeavours. Auckland, Viscount Palmerston etc were actually responsible for the first invasions of Afghanistan.

  4. RickB Says:

    As sleeper agent for the glorious revolution he’s certainly maintaining a very convincing cover!

    Yes, but I would distinguish contemporary left liberals from those predecessors, at least hopefully (although indeed some support the Afghan war right now, UK ones too sadly).

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