Malalai Joya on Obama’s ‘surge’

After months of waiting, President Obama is about to announce the new US strategy for Afghanistan. His speech may be long awaited, but few are expecting any surprise: it seems clear he will herald a major escalation of the war. In doing so he will be making something worse than a mistake. It is a continuation of a war crime against the suffering people of my country.


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  1. jim Says:

    I can’t for the life of me understand why many people expected Obama to be anything other than the failure on the Afghan issue that he is. I can only summise that they expected him to be a great humanitarian simply because he’s black.

    • RickB Says:

      The expectation that having experienced oppression he would be less likely to oppress is unfair perhaps, even if it does inspire some wistful hopes. I think it’s his book/s and speeches, where he comes across as something other than another line manager for empire, but of course people forget, politician’s lie and in the presidential context it’s all about marketing too.

      • jim Says:

        Rick, I can feel you squirming now. You want him to be something other than what he is. But he is like me, I am what I am!

        • RickB Says:

          I want the US to stop camouflaging standard imperialism with heroic self serving rhetoric and I feel sorry for Obama supporters who are now feeling betrayed (but not for those still backing him almost religiously).

  2. david hess Says:

    malalai i have been listening to all that you have said in all these places you have spoken and believe me when i say you move my heart in so many ways is a holy voice i have heard the truth and i know that you know that these war lords and criminals play with peoples lives like it is an important game they must play as they carry on with these crimes against humanity ..i wish that i could make obama be surrounded with the kind of intellectuals and humanitarians that you speak of from your country and stop feeding blood and money into these evil wars ..i salute you and what you do ..i weep with you i join you in my heart

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