Buying Something You Already Own

Charities could take over post offices, pubs and parks, says shadow communities secretary Caroline Spelman. The Conservatives have pledged to introduce a ‘community right to buy’ that will allow not-for-profit groups to take control of struggling local facilities, such as post offices, pubs and parks. Under the scheme, community groups would have first refusal to bid for publicly owned assets as well as failing privately owned ones, such as post offices, pubs and shops.

Also ‘failing privately owned ones’ will include previously privatised assets, so just how stupid do the Tories think people are? Election as national IQ test will be an amusing phenomenon. It’s better than just selling them off to their chums in business but the road to hell is paved with lesser evil good intentions. But where do charities & communities get the money (hmm maybe a loan from a bank, hey there see how that works)? They are creating the distinction that government and local councils are not ‘us’ they are neoliberal governance entities and so have no responsibility to the public and what they own on our behalf…is not ours, but hey lovely Davy boy will let us have first refusal on buying our own property. Ooh, have I just summed up Red Toryism?!?!? Privatisation but with the words *community*, *charity* plastered all over it?

3 Responses to “Buying Something You Already Own”

  1. libhom Says:

    I’ve read that the Tories are going down in the polls.

  2. earwicga Says:

    It’s hardly a new proposal either. New Labour is already passing on things like swimming pools to community groups. They run them down until they cost too much to operate then tell the community to either accept closure or buy them.

    Politics and public service really does not have anything to do with “responsibility to the public” anymore – I don’t know if it ever did.

  3. RickB Says:

    Indeed, heralded as a new idea it is just more Neoliberalism, styles differ but the ideology is unchanged yet the media report it dutifully as if it is news.

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