Definition Of An Imperial Liberal

We will tax the rich a tiny tiny bit but only in order to kill foreign subjects of our crusades.

(Bloomberg) — Higher-income Americans should be taxed to pay for more troops sent to Afghanistan and NATO should provide half of the new soldiers, said Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Imagine if nurturing people, schools, hospitals, welfare carried the same moral impetus, you can imagine that but as long as an Empire must be fed a dream will be all it is. Oh yeah and fuck NATO, it should have been dismantled along with the Berlin wall.

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4 Responses to “Definition Of An Imperial Liberal”

  1. Bina Says:

    Well said, especially the bit about NATO. If not for that, Canada wouldn’t have troops in Afghanistan right now, propping up a corrupt and unpopular so-called government. It’s sick that our soldiers are dying in order to hand prisoners over to torturers. NATO is really just another organ of imperialism and unipolarity.

  2. RickB Says:

    It is and every conflict it insinuates itself into is to keep it going and tie nations into US imperial policy which admittedly our ex empire elite fondly volunteers for. Any excuse for stomping on Johnny foreigner and getting rich.

    UK ex diplomat Craig Murray on Colvin’s torture revelations

  3. jim Says:

    I totally agree. NATO should have been scrapped along with the more recent ongoing idea of a European superstate, something which pushes along inexorably, though it did provide jobs for the left elite such as the Kinnocks.

  4. RickB Says:

    I like the idea of an EU federation, I just don’t like the unaccountable neoliberal technocrat gravy train that we have been conned into having, (apparently Glenys is part owner of the 24hr Spar in Valley near here, minting it in!).

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