Secret Inquests & The Workhouse

So now the govt can murder people and cover it up and force people below the poverty line into work that makes them worse off or else pay a fine, yep really they just made poverty and receiving welfare a crime. Apparently raising child is not work to our ruling classes (well it isn’t for them, they pay nannies and boarding schools to keep human emotions between them and their children at bay while servicing their careerism, but there’s a clue there, they pay people to do it, so why isn’t lower class child rearing labour valued? Hmm seems to me a subtext of eugenics by economics)

Coroners and Justice Bill. Following its Royal Assent on yesterday, the Act permits inquests in to deaths that include sensitive information that could risk national security can be held in secret.

The Welfare Reform Act’s most eye-catching provision is the decision by the government to fine unemployed lone parents with young children if they did not prepare for work while receiving benefits.

Earlier this week MPs overturned a Lords amendment that would have restricted the fines to lone parents whose youngest child was at least five years old. (ht2 HarpyMarx)

3 Responses to “Secret Inquests & The Workhouse”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Yet they encourage those feckless single parents to have a new baby every seven years 🙂

    New Labour; Shower of Shit!

  2. RickB Says:

    The difference is with the tories they will come round personally to father children then abandon them and blame the mother!

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