BNP’s Sleazy Expense Scam

Admittedly not unexpected, they are using their funding from the European parliament to enrich their party machinery, Searchlight reports

The British National Party is using money it receives from Europe to support its two MEPs to bankroll the leadership of its organisation. Of the 14 people employed by the two MEPs only five actually live in the two regions they represent and most fulfil national posts for the party. In the latest abuse of the parliamen-tary expenses system, the British and European people are funding the BNP.

As MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, are entitled to claim a combined £382,000 a year to pay for their colleagues’ salaries. The two share five members of staff, who all happen to be national party officers and only one lives in either the North West or Yorkshire. They are Simon Darby, the party’s deputy leader, Eddy Butler, the national organiser, Emma Colgate, the national administration officer, John Walker, the deputy press officer, and Martin Wingfield, who lives in the North West and until recently was the editor of the party newspaper, Voice of Freedom.

Each MEP also has some staff of his own. One of Nick Griffin’s is Martin Reynolds, a bodybuilder from Leeds who acts as his personal minder. When asked about what “specifically” he does for his EU salary, Reynolds said: “I honestly don’t know”. Andrew Brons employs three people. One happens to be the new BNP Yorkshire organiser while the other two, Adam and Mark Walker, both live in County Durham, which is in a different region. Searchlight has long argued that if elected the BNP would use public money to fund the party rather than helping the people they are supposed to represent. This is proving to be the case.

This is a challenge for those who claim that they voted for the BNP not because they were racist (good luck with that Egyptian river) but that they were not like the debauched mainstream parties. Hmmmm.

8 Responses to “BNP’s Sleazy Expense Scam”

  1. libhomo Says:

    The BNP is as corrupt as the GOP here in the USA.

  2. earwicga Says:

    All politics is corrupt.

  3. RickB Says:

    They might not even be as right wing!

  4. libhomo Says:

    RickB: I honestly am not sure whether you are referring to the GOP or the BNP in your reply. To be honest, I have trouble telling them apart.

  5. RickB Says:

    The GOP, but it is a bit of an angels on the head of pin conundrum I must admit, at least the BNP have no real chance at governing…yet!

  6. RickB Says:

    Yes, that is true, they are useful to the main parties because they allow them to go to the right while they condemn the *far* right. But I would say the tendency for that pre exists the BNP, they license some politician’s innate bigotry. If Griffin goes up against Hodge in Barking, it will be nasty, she should stand down (didn’t she want to a year back anyway?) and Labour select an actual left wing anti racist, anti fascist representative for the people, fuck the warm glow political ad bullshit, walk the fucking talk, fight the far right with real left wing values.

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