Apparently people are still confused that war involves murder and insanity. Luckily morons, racist and imperialists can hang their denial on ideas of tribal loyalty because -their- god forbid they realise that if this is what a professional dealing with combat trauma does, then the ongoing wars in service of the ruling class’s ambitions might be seen for the civilisation destroying cancer they are. Of course it might be unkind to note that the death rate for civilians in this action were considerably less then the military ever manage while on official operations. And the horror of misapplied geography, if he had expressed his homicidal feelings while in theatres of combat on men, women & children unfortunate enough to be living in a country our governments caused to be invaded he would be doing his duty. That he saw his colleagues as targets and not Afghans & Iraqis is a failure of propaganda, military healthcare and a symptom of institutional racism in imperial forces. Hasan clearly was a stupid and venal man, he chose to volunteer his labour for an enterprise he knew to be wrong and allowed it to destroy him and in turn others. Did he target, in a deranged vengeance, those he knew or suspected of murdering civilians overseas? He was in a position to have knowledge of such things. Certainly few would dare sugest such a thing as this is our side and the von Stauffenbergs and Inglourious Basterds are heroes real and imagined when they kill ‘them’ and our tribe could never be evil like ‘them’. So the soldiers are victims and the killer is a totem for everything the warfare state wants to project onto him. Rather they are all victims, just as any nation is that is stuck with a voracious, privileged and entitled imperial ruling class on the make, that has taught its numbed disenfranchised citizens to eulogise the strengths of its military and corporations. And a workplace shooting that screams a direct connection to the violence at the heart of a culture of imperialism will be seen as anything but, in fact will be used to justify even more killing. And the wars grind on, anointed with a peace prize.

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  1. otto Says:

    Most likely he’s a wacko, beginning and end of story. Wackos play out their own dramas inside their own cosmoses, and islam is part of his.

    I’m sad for the 99.999% of islamists that live up to the real meaning of the word ‘islam’. I wonder why Christian churches feel no social stigma when a baptized son or daughter goes apeshit with an AK-47 in a shopping mall.

    Check out Chazelle today on this subject in ‘A Tiny Revolution’. Sharp as ever.

  2. Bina Says:

    Funny how wars bring out the crazy like nothing else. I wonder if Cornyn & Co. will ever make THAT connection.

    • RickB Says:

      Why would they, they are all taught to glory war, the military and profit. And have built a society that for many will not result in anything approaching a decent life unless they volunteer their themselves to the war machine. The GOP have convinced morons that healthcare is more lethal than war!

  3. earwicga Says:

    I read this post yesterday and have pondering since on what you meant by this: “he chose to volunteer his labour for an enterprise he knew to be wrong and allowed it to destroy him and in turn others”

    You have probably read more than me on this, but from what I have read it seems to be a stretch to publish this. There are many reasons for the the successes of armed forces recruitment – how did you come to pick this one?

  4. RickB Says:

    People who knew him have said he had objections to the wars yet he stayed on rather than go AWOL or file for objector status, then he would appear to have become homicidal and destroyed many lives. Of course if this hadn’t happened many lives would have been destroyed anyway and until enough people realise that wars will continue, the ruling class will still be able to con people into fighting them on their behalf.

    I don’t quite fully understand your recruitment question, can you elucidate?

  5. libhomo Says:

    RickB: I think she is referring to what we Americans call the Economic Draft. In other words, financial desperation could have been what caused him to enlist. There could have been other motives too.

    A couple of things have haunted me. A lot of people study psychology and psychiatry because they have problems and want to figure out themselves.

    Also, can you imagine having to listen to patients talk about observing and committing war crimes and be expected to do nothing about it…for years. That would cause many to snap. Even worse, the victims of the crimes were people he felt religious affinity to.

    • earwicga Says:

      Yes, that is what I was refering to. And I have also thought the same as you about listening to patients.

      I don’t know why Hassan signed up. I don’t know who paid for his psychiatric training – it could have been the army, it could have been his wealthy family (if he has one). Not many actual facts seem to have been released yet. They may never be released.

  6. RickB Says:

    He was an officer and a shrink and had been in for a long time, he could have easily of made that into a ok paying gig on civvy street, I suspect social and status issues kept him in.

    I do think the damage of having such patients is a factor, indeed he will have heard of atrocities carried out by US personnel. I don’t know if he felt affinity, maybe with the racism he felt against him began to make him identify as a victim rather than with his appointed tribe – the army-.

    ‘A lot of people study psychology and psychiatry because they have problems and want to figure out themselves’- I do think that is very true, I have met an awful lot of manipulative people who have gone into psychology (hey not all by any means but the profession is hardly covering itself in glory ethics wise), it’s like they want to get formal training in what they were doing by instinct and that ties back into the military and his profession and war crimes. There also seems to be a very basic issue of the forces being stretched so warning signs are ignored to keep personnel classed a s fit for duty.

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