9 Out of 5,000

Scotland Yard faced calls for an “ethical audit” of all officers in its controversial riot squad tonight after figures revealed that they had received more than 5,000 complaint allegations, mostly for “oppressive behaviour”. Details of all allegations lodged against the Metropolitan police territorial support group (TSG) over the last four years reveal that only nine – less than 0.18% – were “substantiated” after an investigation by the force’s complaints department. (ht2 Harpymarx)

The TSG (who killed Ian Tomlinson) were what the SPG became (the group who murdered Blair Peach) and clearly they have absolute support from the Met who work to keep them utterly above the law, this sketch is 30 years old yet again I post it because…nothing has changed

And please read on to see how the Met protected serial torturer and racist (and former Royal Marine, attempt to be surprised) Mark Jones even when another officer acted as whistleblower (noticeably the jury chose to believe Jones rather than Pc Amechi Onwugbonu) to the assault on several teenagers, one of whom Jones called an ‘Arab cunt‘.

16 Responses to “9 Out of 5,000”

  1. otto Says:

    (without opening the youtube)

    “Savage, you’re a bigot”
    “Thank you, sir!”

    (so how close was i to verbatim, RB?)

  2. RickB Says:

    Ah, you’re there in spirit but verbatim is a slippery thing!

  3. otto Says:

    “Anyway, I think Special Patrol Group is a stupid name for a hamster.”

  4. earwicga Says:

    And the equivalent on the tv 30 years later is what?

  5. earwicga Says:

    That’s about right!

  6. RickB Says:

    I’m not sure there is in terms of UK satire at the moment other than chance remarks from Mark Steel or Jeremy Hardy on panel shows.

  7. jim Says:

    I get fed up of people’s attack on the police. Wrapped up on the bad deeds of certain special activities branches I wonder whether these very middle class do gooders actually ever need the services of the police. Apart from my baseball bat the police are the only ones that will protect my home and family. Get lost you charlatans.

    • earwicga Says:

      Are you calling me middle class? How very dare you!

    • ralfast Says:

      Except when they don’t, of course. Or you get caught in “the wrong place at the wrong time” or the cops scapegoat you for some stupid thing.

      My grandfather was a cop (and still is) so I know the type. The clip shows a good cop-bad cop scenario and as the commanding officer says, these incidents put the police in a bad light. Ignoring them doesn’t make it any better.

  8. Seán Says:

    Programmes such as Not The Nine O’clock News merely began the steady decline of this great nation into a mire of politically correct comedians…and Ben Elton.

  9. ralfast Says:

    Really? How so?

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