Fraud Accomplished

So how do you tell a soldier to be the last to die for a lie? I actually laughed like a gallows when I heard this on the radio, even if you accept the purpose of the war is to install democracy (and you really shouldn’t because that’s a big fat lie) but if you so choose to to keep your simple mind clear of worries with that fiction… well even that lie is absolutely exposed now. ‘Our partner’ in Afghanistan is not legitimately elected, he conspires with warlords, fundamentalists and his CIA employed brother to hold onto power, power that was first bequeathed to him through the back room deals of neocon Bush chum Zalmay Khalilzad. It’s the imperialism stupid.

Hamid Karzai has been declared president of Afghanistan, after election officials scrapped a planned second round of voting. The announcement comes a day after Mr Karzai’s sole challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, pulled out of the race. Dr Abdullah, who had demanded the removal of key poll officials, said the vote would not have been fair. The first round had been marred by fraud. Key Nato allies of Afghanistan have congratulated Mr Karzai.

A number of international figures, including US Senator John Kerry, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, had been involved in persuading Mr Karzai to accept a run-off.

However, Mr Brown on Monday said he welcomed the commission’s decision. A spokesman said the PM had “spoken to President Karzai to congratulate him on his re-election” and the two men had “discussed the importance of the president moving quickly to set out a unifying programme for the future of Afghanistan”.

The US administration, through its embassy in Kabul, also hailed the commission’s move, which it said conformed to “its mandate under Afghan law”. The statement added: “We congratulate President Karzai on his victory in this historic election and look forward to working with him.”

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