Halloween Carnival of Socialism!

I will be hosting a Halloween Special Carnival of Socialism here on Saturday the 31st. So please send links to anything you would like to be included to askHAL at gmail.com or leave them in comments. Feel free to enjoy yourself, perhaps ask what would zombie Lenin make of people still arguing over his legacy? Is neoliberalism a vampirist plot, will The -pollution- Blob overwhelm us or can eco-socialism save the Earth, has consumerism made pod people of us all? Which is scarier- that people think Obama is a socialist or the word itself ‘Socialism‘ Run for your lives they are putting people before profit! Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Halloween Carnival of Socialism!”

  1. jim Says:

    Rick, when are you going to do something on the Neather revelations?

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