My Offer To Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s Daughter

On Friday evening I got three comments on this post about Lewis Amselem purporting to be from one Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s daughter. They were silly and insulting and not a little entertaining, perhaps alcohol or other drugs were involved, just a little drunk trolling. However, given indications that she genuinely is Naiara Amselem, I am making her this offer:-

I will pay and have shipped to the address of your choosing the book The Blindfold’s Eyes by Sister Dianna Ortiz. This comes with two simple conditions:

  1. The address must be a legitimate one perhaps c/o a place of employment or university, I don’t want the book to be wasted (and neither should young ladies give their home addresses out to all and sundry on the internet).
  2. Within 4 weeks of the book being sent you show some evidence of having read it, a review, a reaction or whatever, you can post that or a link to it in comments here.

Contact me through your Facebook account so I know you are genuine, I am at So there you go, that’s my offer Naiara (a lovely Basque name if I may say so) one generation does not have to continue the misdeeds of a previous one, the truth will set you free! Please avail yourself of the offer to read the book, know what was done in your name by, among others, your father. A lifetime of not being able to look yourself in the eyes is no life at all.


11 Responses to “My Offer To Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s Daughter”

  1. ralfast Says:

    For some reason I don’t think she will take you on that offer. After all, anyone who feels the need to throw the term “dirty hippies” in a message doesn’t really have any appreciation for peace, the law or human rights. But I applaud your efforts.

  2. Bina Says:

    As luck would have it, I’ve just begun reading my copy of that book today.

    And boy, do I feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to be related to that SOB.

  3. RickB Says:

    Well 24 hours later and she has closed or hidden her facebook account and has yet to take up the offer. I would like to say I’m surprised…

  4. Bina Says:

    And lo, the sound of the crickets was heard in all the land!

    I guess she didn’t find me–I inadvertently misspelled his name on my wankers list. (I don’t think I’ll be issuing a correction.)

  5. Nicole Says:

    Wooww you guys are such assholes.

    • RickB Says:

      Yes that’s us, you’ve found us out, people who are against rape and torture and offer people free books, we are all just assholes. Just like all the laws against rape, all the laws against torture and all the libraries in the world, assholes the lot of them!

  6. J k Says:

    Goofball – probably you believe in global warming, drive a prius, and believe osama is just misunderstood. Amselem speaks truth which internationalists like you rarely see the value of in their weak minds. Still biting your fingernails lAte at night?

  7. RickB Says:

    Who’s Goofball? Well a reading of this blog would disabuse you of your caricature.
    We are not the people afraid to read a book.

    (and ‘believe’ in global warming? it’s not a religion it’s science, I understand many people have trouble with reason and facts just as babies have trouble not soiling themselves, but do try and keep up.)

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