My Offer To Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s Daughter

On Friday evening I got three comments on this post about Lewis Amselem purporting to be from one Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s daughter. They were silly and insulting and not a little entertaining, perhaps alcohol or other drugs were involved, just a little drunk trolling. However, given indications that she genuinely is Naiara Amselem, I am making her this offer:-

I will pay and have shipped to the address of your choosing the book The Blindfold’s Eyes by Sister Dianna Ortiz. This comes with two simple conditions:

  1. The address must be a legitimate one perhaps c/o a place of employment or university, I don’t want the book to be wasted (and neither should young ladies give their home addresses out to all and sundry on the internet).
  2. Within 4 weeks of the book being sent you show some evidence of having read it, a review, a reaction or whatever, you can post that or a link to it in comments here.

Contact me through your Facebook account so I know you are genuine, I am at So there you go, that’s my offer Naiara (a lovely Basque name if I may say so) one generation does not have to continue the misdeeds of a previous one, the truth will set you free! Please avail yourself of the offer to read the book, know what was done in your name by, among others, your father. A lifetime of not being able to look yourself in the eyes is no life at all.