Did Nick Griffin Fib About His Father’s War Service?

During the recording David Wooding (sadly a Sun hack) was live tweeting and he reported

Griffin hits back at Straw: “My dad was in the RAF during WW2 and Jack Straw’s was in prison as a conscientious objector.” More boos #bbcqt

Edgar Griffin ertswhile conservative politician and Freemason is Nick’s ‘proud’ dad,

joined the Conservative Party when he returned from two years national service with the RAF in India.

Mr Griffin countered that he had been a party member since 1948,

War ended in 1945, so what gives, is Nick being a bit of a fibber or his dad has his dates wrong? Jack Straw’s father-

That Jewish maternal grandfather was also a TGWU shop steward on the London buses, alongside Ernest Bevin. His father, Walter Straw, was an insurance clerk and conscientious objector, and his mother, Joan, was a teacher. They were Congregationalists, socialists and pacifists who had met in the Peace Pledge Union. His father left his mother when Jack was 10, something that led Straw to refuse to speak to his father for 30 years. Straw says: “I was brought up on the Pyries Lane Estate in Loughton by a single mum; we had very little money; there were five children and no father but we didn’t get into trouble.” Poor but straight , in other words.

Update 23/10/09: Liberal Conspiracy have caught up on this too and in comments Cath Elliot adds this useful link which further suggests he served in India but not during WWll

Edgar Griffin served in the dying days of the British Raj in India, in charge of 20 local aircraft mechanics. “I got on very well with them,” he says. “The Indian ladies also used to invite us to tea and were most kind to us.”

And another commenter Clive says-

One option would be to pay a visit to the British Library. Amongst the multitude of documents are 300 volumes – “Air Force List Dec 1918-Oct 1948: L/MIL/17/10/1-300.” – which cover the Royal Indian Air Force and the RAF in India.


10 Responses to “Did Nick Griffin Fib About His Father’s War Service?”

  1. jim Says:

    Where are you going with this one? My father served as an aircraft engine fitter in India and Ceylon. National service/ do you mean war service?

  2. RickB Says:

    Griffin said his dad was in the RAF in WWll, that is not the same as national service after the war.

  3. Pops Says:

    Conscription was not known as National Service until after the war.

  4. Pops Says:

    To be fair, Edgar might have told little Nicholas that he was in the RAF during the war and it stuck, or told nick he used to be in the RAF and Nick assumed it was during the war. I expect to see either, or both, of those excuses soon.

  5. TomTom Says:

    British Forces remained in India until Independence in 1947. They weren’t simply sent home in 1945 because there was a) food and clothing rationing b) no jobs c) 50% GDP in 1946 was Marshall Aid

    What kind of idiot thinks everyone went home in August 1945 as if world war was a soccer match ? !!!!

    • jim Says:

      Yes, my Father remained in India until 1946 and chose to stay in the raf to bring in what he describes as the jet age. My dad claims that his large deafness (he is 87) is due to the aircraft engines he worked on during and after the war rather than the ageing process. Sadly the doctor employed by the government found the opposite. Hence no compo! In my view Rickb is blowing Griffins alleged fibs about his fathers war service out of proportion. This was due to his attack on Straw’s father’s refusal to fight the Nazis due to being a conchie . But as Galloway pointed out on his radio show `what justification is there in refusing to fight Hitler and Nazism.`What if we had all refused in this instance?

      • RickB Says:

        He doesn’t appear to have fought Nazism, at best he served imperial interest in India. And given his and his sons views they are both pro-Nazi.

  6. RickB Says:

    Indeed many conflicts continued and have done ever since but it is not historically World War 2 which ended Sept 2nd 1945 when Japan signed their surrender. Griffin clearly implied his father was heroic for being in WWll as a contrast to what Staw’s father did, clearly showing he has no respect for those who follow their own moral path. The dates do not match and in previous mentions of his father in the media it has always been national service in India, not fighting in WWll. My father didn’t confuse his national service with fighting in WWll nor did his father confuse being gassed in the First World War with, for example, a soccer match. Is this just another example of Griffin’s thick headed pathological fibbing?

  7. Pops Says:

    I didn’t predict that one, TomTom. ROFL

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