Ezra Nawi Sentenced To 1 Month

(via Facebook) This morning the judge, Eilata Ziskind, sentenced Ezra as follows:
– 30 days in prison
– 750 NIS fine which he will not pay and thus get extra 7 days in prison.
– 500 NIS to each of the border police officers he “assaulted”.
– 6 months if he violates law in the occupied territories in the next 3 years. The judge knew he would violate this parole.

Note the prohibition which is clearly meant to stop Ezra Nawi from demonstrating against ethnic cleansing and also to deter others from doing so.

Most of Ezra’s work and that of Ta’ayush in the occupied territories is about protest and nonviolently opposing the occupation, which in many cases translates to violation of law according to the Israeli legal system. In this way the state got, in my estimation, exactly what it was after.

Where are the US progressives who flock to associate themselves with Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela etc yet when it comes to supporting people in the here and now fighting oppression… they are Progressive Except for Palestine. Like polite white Southerners who professed to be liberally dismayed at segregation but hey, you should respect the police and not cause trouble.


4 Responses to “Ezra Nawi Sentenced To 1 Month”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Israel really is a police state.

    On an unrelated note, it looks like WP has implemented a mobile version of the blogs hosted there which makes this blog easier to use from my cell.

  2. RickB Says:

    Could one see US funding as research seed capital into repressive tech that, once properly tested on Palestinians (who can be killed with impunity so testing is cheap and court case free, after all the US will veto any measures the UN tries to take), can be imported back to the US for use on the domestic populace? Even if PEP’s don’t care for Palestinian’s human rights might they care about their own?

    I see it has, woohoo for WP, they are always tinkering away like little blog elves!

  3. libhomo Says:

    That’s an excellent point about use of torture techniques here in the US. I’m sure some of the stuff at Gitmo was tested by the Israelis first.

  4. RickB Says:

    And historically it goes both ways, the surveillance and crowd control stuff is where the occupied territories are an invaluable laboratory to test new stuff.

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