Support John McDonnell

John McDonnell is appealing for help to get him re-elected. He is a hard-working constituency MP and has consistently provided a platform for socialist ideas. John has never flinched in showing solidarity for people struggling against exploitation. He has tirelessly represented his constituency, trade unions and the wider movement, having been key in organising resistance to the Government’s neo liberal agenda both inside and outside parliament. This is not about saving one politician’s career but about defending and maximising the political representation of progressive movements throughout the UK.

Despite fighting resolutely alongside his local community and climate change activists to oppose Heathrow’s 3rd runway in his constituency, the undemocratic imposition of the runaway is damaging his chances of being re-elected. That is why he needs your support.

This Sunday, October 18th , the Hayes Labour Party is organising a mass canvass and is appealing for help.

The canvass starts at 10.30 from John’s office in Pump Lane, Hayes Middx. UB3 3NB. Tel 0208 569 0010. The office is a short distance from Hayes Station, 20 minutes by rail from Paddington.

John McDonnell MP needs your support and solidarity. Our movement cannot risk losing John’s seat and the platform it provides. Bring as many activists and supporters as possible. Every fortnight from 18th October the Hayes Party will be organising a mass canvass and needs you help.


2 Responses to “Support John McDonnell”

  1. jim Says:

    I can see where you’re coming from but I’d rather swim through the bacterial pool of the nearest sewage farm than vote New Labour. Actually, on a slightly wider note anybody in receipt of any form of tax credits would be a complete fool in voting anything other than labour. If you do then you are voting yourself a pay decrease.

  2. RickB Says:

    They will all enact income decreases ultimately unless you are a banker…

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