Rubbish Excuses Part 743

(Reuters) – A Rwandan doctor working at a hospital in northern France is suspected of being a wanted war criminal, in a case that has puzzled French authorities. Eugene Rwamucyo was suspended from his post at a hospital in the northern town of Maubeuge after a nurse did an Internet search for his name and found an Interpol arrest warrant linked to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, French media reported. The arrest warrant, issued in 2006 on request from Rwanda, is still on the Interpol website and lists Rwamucyo’s offences as “genocide, war crimes”.

Rwamucyo said on Sunday he was innocent. “I didn’t participate in the genocide, close up or from afar. There is nothing against me. I don’t see why the justice system wants to arrest me,” he told French television.

But he said he had attended meetings with people who took part in the genocide.

The Interpol notice is not an international arrest warrant, but a notice issued by Rwanda. The man has not been arrested so far, although Interpol said many of its member countries considered such a notice a valid request for detention. Rwamucyo’s name also features on a list of more than a dozen suspected Rwandan war criminals living in France who are the object of a lawsuit by the Collective of Civil Plaintiffs for Rwanda, a victims’ rights association. An estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus were killed in Rwanda’s 100-day massacre.

“He was an ideologist, for us he’s one of the planners of the genocide of the Tutsis. There are testimonies from people who knew him,” Alain Gauthier, the head of the collective, told French television.

Oh that’s ok then, you just happened to attend the planning meetings, but y’know we are talking about genocide here, sort of a serious crime type thingy. If that is the best he can do methinks he is very guilty. Still given what France did and didn’t do about the genocide, not a lot of moral high ground around on this one.

All who study the Rwandan genocide, as I did while researching a book about that ill-fated country, come away stunned by what they learn about French support of mass murder. France was so eager to defend a client regime against English-speaking rebels that, as the new report asserts, it gave that regime “political, military, diplomatic and logistic support” and “directly assisted” its genocidal campaign.

The report names 33 present and former French politicians and military officers as conspirators, among them the late President Francois Mitterrand and other well-known figures like former foreign minister Alan Juppe and former prime minister Dominique de Villepin.

The report, commissioned by the government and prepared by a panel that heard from more than 150 witnesses, is not only a devastating account of France’s eager participation in mass murder. It is also the most provocative example in modern history of a victimized nation pointing a credible finger of blame at the supposedly virtuous West.

France armed Rwanda’s murderous regime, sent soldiers to support it as the genocide was unfolding, and accepted some of its most heinous perpetrators as “refugees” after rebels forced them from power. Later, France helped the genocidaires regroup in the Congo and launch a savage cross-border campaign aimed at retaking power so they could complete their murderous work.

Meanwhile those who plotted the genocide level of death in Iraq… still free and we not only know they didn’t just attend meetings, also…some of the meetings were held in public. Ideologists who assisted them hold prominent positions in the UK too. Genocide is the killing the losers get called on, winners have no so such liabilities, we are so fucking civilised.

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