The man behind one of the largest cannabis operations in the UK has been jailed for nine years. Bo Xing He, 31, ran a series of cannabis factories across north Wales producing drugs with an estimated annual street value of almost £14m.

Caernarfon Crown Court was told that the cannabis factory in High Street, Bangor, Gwynedd, was believed to be the largest ever found in the UK. Another 15 defendants were sentenced to between two and five-and-a-half years. Bo Xing He, who admitted to conspiring to produce cannabis, was described by the judge as “head of an absolutely enormous conspiracy” who controlled the properties and workforce. The court heard that he had lived at a rented six-bedroom house in exclusive Gannock Park, Deganwy, Llandudno, and there was evidence of a lavish lifestyle. Police found £130,000 and an S-type Jaguar

A further 12 people, who were said to have played a “gardening role” looking after the plants, were also jailed. The judge said many of them were victims because they were working to pay off debts but, without them, there would have been no plants.

The War-On-Drugs is a ludicrous make work scam by the security/legal/prison establishment, not designed to solve anything but to keep chumps in jobs, jobs that often pay well and give them the power to wield state sanctioned violence. The only real crime committed here is an exploitative boss making himself rich while the workers were virtual slaves, however as that dynamic is played out on every high street and is eulogised in business porn like The Apprentice that is not the crime that anyone cares about. So everyone gets locked up for growing dope including the victims, the indentured workers. How perverted in our thinking, in our accustomed uncritical perception of ‘how things are’ have we become that growing a plant is a crime but exploiting others to enrich yourself is celebrated. The boss was not locked up for being rich, he was locked up for achieving it via illegal drugs, oddly if the drugs were legal he would be celebrated, even if they actually killed more people than cannabis *vioxx* cough*. And the Judge has no excuse, nor do the barristers and solicitors, they clearly had the life chances to become very well informed, to study, yet they chose instead to keep towing the line and have a successful career and nevermind the human cost. People look back to say…witch burning times, with horror and wonder, how could people be so horrible and stupid, well duh we are in the midst of it still and the answer is uncritical thinking, ignorance and greed (perhaps a useful definition of careerism). Not a single well remunerated person who was involved in this has done  a single thing of any worth other than stop an exploitative boss, but that wasn’t their intention, it’s a byproduct so no, they don’t get any credit for that. In fact they have done harm and most will not even have such a thought enter their head and worse still some do yet they take the money and keep up with this bullshit. And no I don’t know anyone who was caught up in this and no I don’t bother smoking dope either, but when something so clearly not justice is trumpeted as a great victory for such the dissonance is too much to bear.

And Jeebus I still can’t get over Judge/Recorder Nic Parry ‘but, without them, there would have been no plants.‘ Yeah and without the inmates of death camps they’d be no death camps so really the prisoners are the ones to blame, what a fucking imbecile.

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  1. Anon Says:

    What is sadly missed in this article is the fact that as a result of the people growing getting busted we now have an inundation of contaminated cannabis in the UK.

    I’ve found in mine: glass beads, fibreglass, sugar, alcohol soaked, metal shavings and a host of other things I couldn’t identify.

  2. jim Says:

    Legalise all drugs! I’ve always wanted to get into the undertaking trade. There will be a never ending conveyor belt full of work.

  3. RickB Says:

    So you are assuming the increase in deaths from drug abuse will outweigh the fewer deaths from regulated substances and the freedom from criminals users will gain. I have to say there is little evidence of such a thesis.

  4. Jotman Says:

    Good news for Americans suffering from severe arthritis, cancer, and chronic pain: Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder announced that federal prosecutions of cases involving medical marijuana use in states where it is legal will no longer be a “priority.”

    It occurs to me that one way to look at Obama is to think of him as “moderate Republican” just a little bit to the right of the first George Bush. It’s as if Obama delivers the “compassionate conservatism” that George W. promised in 2000 but never delivered. On second thought, depending on Obama’s decision with regards to Afghanistan, I suppose we must downgrade that to “compassionate neo-conservative.”

  5. RickB Says:

    That’s probably about right, it would lessen disappointment although it also means we must recognise a fundamental lack of democratic choice in government. So it’s a depressing disappointment replaced with profound despair at a corporate dictatorship!

    Yes I saw that, I hope he really means it, will have to see what the DEA and war on drug crazed state authorities do, the states rights -code for right wing racists- crowd might use prosecuting drug cases to attack Obama.

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