New Labour, War Criminals To The Last

Iraqi asylum seekers sent back to Baghdad by the UK government have been refused re-entry to their homeland, and flown back to Britain. The flight, carrying about 40 asylum seekers, landed in Baghdad on Thursday. Ten were admitted but the rest were turned away and have now arrived back. Human rights group Refugee and Migrant Justice said this was “unprecedented”.

The Home Office said it was working with the Iraqi government to iron out issues that caused some to be returned. The reason for their return, it said, was a matter for the Iraqi authorities. It is understood that about 80 escorts were also aboard the government-chartered flight.

The asylum seekers are now at Brook House detention centre near Gatwick airport where they are being given legal advice, according to a Refugee and Migrant Justice spokeswoman.

She said: “One would have expected with such a high profile remove, the Home Office would have sorted this out with the Iraqi authorities. She added that the reason for the Iraqi authorities turning away some of the group was unclear, but suggested it may have been that certain documents were not in order.

The government’s plan to send the group back to Baghdad, where just this week at least eight were killed in attacks on a market in north-west Baghdad, met with criticism from human rights group.

There have been no returns to Iraq since 2008 and this would have been the first return to the capital city since the start of the Iraq war in 2003.

New Labour Oberleutnant Lin ‘vote rigging‘ Homer said-

“Having an enforced route for returns is an important part of our overall approach; however the government prefers the majority of returnees to leave voluntarily.”

So realise 40 refugees and 80 ‘escorts’ that’s two thugs per refugee on this flight, yes Lin you are getting your ‘enforced returns’ on to a country we were a war criminal party to destroying. Exactly why is the UK Border Agency implementing the policies of the BNP? Except these are New Labour policies, hard to declare the war a success while your country has refugees terrified to return and claiming asylum (remember in the Cold War when those claiming asylum were welcome because it suited political ends, funny that), so their answer was apparently- lets kidnap them, lock them in prison then bodily drag them to a plane and fly them back. But then didn’t go well when the proxy puppet regime didn’t play ball, comes to something when they come out of this looking better than our own government.

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