Hip + Groovy

Hip Op went fine, mum is recovering slightly better than for the other one, the hospital is still hellishly warm and airless though (and what’s up with the water pipes –still!?). Meanwhile Patientline, not only a disgraceful rip off, but seriously has to be the worst interface I have seen since…um, maybe the old broken photocopier in the my old university’s library?!?! It gives Ceefax a run for its money, ugly and user hostile (in every sense). Oh to be home and have Snow Leopard fondling my eyeballs.

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  1. earwicga Says:

    Glad to hear the op went well, and I hope your mum escapes the ward very soon.

    Also glad to hear the hospital is actually heated. It’s not something I noticed last time I was in hospital.

  2. earwicga Says:

    You’ve prob seen this: http://www.northwestwales.org/WiSSCMS-en-233.aspx

    Over 60’s are entitled to half price tv and free tv 8-9. Looks like calls are 10p a minute now – is that correct? http://www.patientline.co.uk/using_ptl_sevices.htm (btw, it’s not called Patient Line now – it’s Hospedia now)

    I remember the good old days when the ward would have a lovely big day room with a big tv blasting out rubbish all the time and ashtrays everywhere 🙂

  3. RickB Says:

    no I didn’t know that about the half price, oddly it was not made obvious & to all appearances it is still saying patientline on everything, hmm have to get some refunds.
    Calls were 39p off peak 49 p peak to the phone according to the slow long recorded message they make you listen to in oder to get a minimum minutes fee out of you when you call, 10p is I think the outgoing cost. But they let everyone use their mobiles now so the cost is just the tv really.
    Ah the tv room, yep remember those days.

  4. Jay Vos Says:

    Well, I hope the surgery becomes soon a faint memory for your mother!

    • RickB Says:

      Thanks Jay, she is doing really well, much better than last time, NHS hospital beats the private contracted clinic from the first hip hands down!

  5. HarpyMarx Says:

    Good that the op went fine. One less stressful thing to worry about (and ops are stressful). And that your mum recovers well.

    “Oh to be home and have Snow Leopard fondling my eyeballs”

    Ah yes, the wonders of Snow Leopard. Will be getting that experience very very soon!

  6. opit Says:

    Mm. I won’t be Macifiying because of cost…plus I’m really not unhappy with Linux Ubuntu after playing around with it for a year and half. Stubborn old coot, moi.
    Saw a note somewhere Snow Leopard was wiping files. Better do floppy backup just in case.

  7. RickB Says:

    The wipe was a user account bug that is fixed, never affected me. I think sticking with Linux Ubuntu is a fine decision I agree with you about cost although long term with all the probs of windows pc’s it works out ok. Not ready to enter into LU yet!

  8. opit Says:

    You might drop in at http://my.opera.com/nepmak2000/blog/ Dr. John is a prolific science writer who also blogs Ubuntu :. Not only is he graphic and funny, he has some very unusual/informative sciblogs and links.

  9. RickB Says:

    Ok, thanks I will dip my toe in ubuntu-ism!

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