Hip Op & You Don’t Stop

Once again it is hip arthroplasty time! If I look back it was January ’08 when mi madre had her left hip done and as is often the case it soon became apparent the pain was not just from that naughty joint, the right needed doing too, so factor in enough recovery from first op and schedules and here we are about to embark on it again. This time it is to sunny Ysbyty Gwynedd we go for our socialised medicine. Despite occasional horror stories about the hospital (thanks internal market and outsourcing!) the surgeon seems good and me and my sister and assembled nieces will be on hand to keep things kopasetic (the theatre is ‘ring fenced’ against infection they trumpet, but then you think, erm, surely all theatres are/ should be?!?! They’re not likely to say ‘yeah the St. MRSA suite is smeared in shit, blood and pus but hey whadya gonna do? Clean it?! We’ve got management consultants to pay you know.’). Anyways, things like this require a leap of faith in society, you cannot be everything and do it all yourself (thus libertarian’s juvenile narcissism breaks down) we pay tax into a common pot, we have medical staff trained, we have hospitals, time to see if people still care enough about other people to do a good job despite the best efforts of the atomising ‘free market’ and its political & corporate shills.

2 Responses to “Hip Op & You Don’t Stop”

  1. HarpyMarx Says:

    Hope the op goes well for your mum including rest and recovery. Take care and all.

    And get the op done now while there is still a sorta kinda NHS ‘cos once the Tories get in it will be chucked into the dustbin of history…

  2. RickB Says:

    Thank you that means a lot.

    Will do, it’s a race against time, tories and swine flu (so two plagues of mindless viruses!)

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