The Hollowing Out Proceeds

Oddly I was just talking about the Shock Therapy applied to Russia in the 90’s and also hearing how a debt collector was doing so well they were eyeing up a shiny new car…

Gordon Brown is to announce the sale of £16bn-worth of assets by the government in a bid to shore up public finances. The prime minister will give details of initial sales that could raise £3bn – including the Tote, the Dartford crossing and the student loan book.

Or y’know, cancel Trident, close secrecy jurisdictions and institute both minimum living income and a maximum income, if it’s an emergency and everything… But hey I’m sure the concept of billionaires is like totally sane and everything.

PS. After all We’re All In This Together,  right?

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  1. earwicga Says:

    This one is more appropriate for Torygeddon:

  2. RickB Says:

    This is getting dangerous, HSM and Status Quo!?!?!

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