War is Peace

Some Analysts Warn Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Complicates War Efforts
(ht2 A Tiny Revolution)

Last night on the BBC World Service the initial news bulletins after midnight began with something like- ‘President Obama after receiving his Nobel Peace Prize has spent most of the day in his War Cabinet‘. Then it changed, they excised the word ‘War’ and tried variations with ‘strategy’ or ‘Afghanistan issues’. I guess management didn’t find the sneaky satire by the presenter so funny.

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Anti Fascists Outnumber EDL Morons 2 to 1

A good day for Manchester, would have been better if the EDL hadn’t bothered, but nonetheless, I suppose friendless bores & bigots rarely perceive when they are not welcome. Live site at the Manchester Evening News.

I would also add worth reading is this tangled tale that involves the racist senior EDL operator Paul Ray of the lamentable Lionheart blog, apparently forging online identities to create fake terror stories to smear Muslims with and the corporate media go along with it. No really, try to be surprised. This is in addition to the fine work of Tim Ireland @ Bloggerheads. Seems a number of racist fantasists form the backbone of a terror porn creating cabal that help keeps the war on terror bullshit flowing in tabloid land, all with a common trait of rabid Islamophobia. Of course creating incidents to gather support is a very old fascist tactic and that Patrick ‘once fired for racism‘ Mercer MP the Tory Chairman of the Commons sub-committee on counter-terrorism and erstwhile shadow spokes-mannequin for Fatherland ‘Homeland’ security is involved is so far being ignored by that same corporate media.