Friday! Whipping Boy- When We Were Young

Lovely indie pop choon from one of Ireland’s finest. Seen here entertaining the Nobel Committee.

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10 Responses to “Friday! Whipping Boy- When We Were Young”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Wow, what a band! And lol at the committee 🙂

  2. RickB Says:

    Indeed! And if anyone has first album Submarine in a digital format, I wouldn’t say no…

  3. RickB Says:

    And it’s not even the best track on the album!

  4. RickB Says:

    Blinded and Twinkle are splendid too, in fact there are no stinkers!

  5. RickB Says:

    It’s terrible what record label shenanigans can reduce a band’s reach and mean they get overlooked. They should bung em all up online for free as a trail for a new album and tour!

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