Friday! Whipping Boy- When We Were Young

Lovely indie pop choon from one of Ireland’s finest. Seen here entertaining the Nobel Committee.

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Students In Colombia Live Under The Gun

Machetera says-

Welcome to Colombian public university, where for at least the last ten years, the Colombian armed forces and paramilitaries associated with the (U.S. puppet) government of Álvaro Uribe and that of Pastrana before him, have been rolling tanks, harassing, threatening and even killing students who dare to express their opposition to the regime. Meanwhile Colombian corporate media and politicians mock dissenting students who as a result, wish to conceal their identity and the universities quietly hand the government the databases it desires.

The link which follows will take you to a video documentary (in 3 consecutive parts) which includes eyewitness accounts from the besieged Colombian university students. The contrast between the story these students tell and that which is presented by the media subservient to Uribe couldn’t be clearer. The documentary was translated and subtitled by, naturally, the Tlaxcala global network of translators for linguistic diversity.

As Otto notes you don’t hear about this but you do hear about protests in Venezuela because Venezuela allows it, it’s a democracy. I would also add Uribe is our elite’s favoured narco/death squad connected man, the US muppet, so English media are not so forthcoming with giving us the full picture while rejoicing in turmoil in Latin Left countries. So here is the blogworld doing the job corporate media have abdicated. View the translated documentary Here.

Well They Gave It To Kissinger…

And Peres, so…seems the contemporary criteria is the ability to look statesmanlike and peaceful while bloodily expanding your empire, guess the Nobel committee realise the value of powerful friends (and this nuclear disarmament is bullshit, they want to dump their old stock -they cost too much and are redundant- as the Cold War is really done, while at the same time Brand Disarmament is used to deny other nations a defensive deterrent from attacks, if it was serious they’d begin with their own nuclear strategy and eliminate all their warheads, we can drop Trident and everyone stop covering for Israel. We really need to disarm from nukes but until certain nations can be relied on not to invade other countries/territories or stage coups in them it’s the usual dominant powers making rules for others they never lived by and still refuse to.)