Friday! Just A Gigolo, Ain’t Got Nobody

David Lee Roth…

Music starts at about 1.35 but the look to camera at 1.05 is worth the price of admission alone.
And Louis Prima too, why not

And remember, if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford me!


IMF & That Whole ‘Democracy’ Sham

Neoliberal enforcers mutter how it would be shame if there was a fire round ‘ere, course if you reform like we say, that fire, might never ‘appen eh? And er, y’know we can all be sitting pretty, just stop getting in the way of profit, gives the others silly ideas like. And we wouldn’t want that now would we, healthcare like, well it’s a constant & growing demand innit, ergo kerching if you get my meaning? But if some la-di-da socialised types get their ‘ands on it like you lot after that nice litttle war, well it all goes to pot, start thinking about taxing us big boys. So mind how you go and get that privatising speeded up, and er, capital might forget where it put its matches, alright?

Cut NHS costs to pay off debt, IMF warns Britain
Britain was served notice by the International Monetary Fund todaythat reforms to healthcare and pensions will be needed to repair the long-term damage to public finances caused by the global recession.

At the end of a bruising week for the prime minister, Gordon Brown, the fund rekindled memories of the spending cuts imposed on Jim Callaghan’s Labour government in the 1970s when it said the new fiscal rules promised by the chancellor, Alistair Darling, earlier this week, were not enough on their own.

The IMF is in favour of higher government spending to support activity through the most serious downturn since the second world war, but believes governments will have to take stringent steps to deal with their debt. Olivier Blanchard, the IMF’s economic counsellor, said the UK and other countries running big deficits had to take measures which improved the medium-term sustainability of the debt.

Asked specifically about the UK’s financial health, Blanchard warned that action would be needed once the crisis was over. “That means reforms of the retirement system; that means reforms of the healthcare system.