Resorting To Threats Of Violence Is A Fascist Reaction

Perversely the strange cult (Cheerleaders, Fighting Cocks, whatever) around Tory Islamophobe Dominic Wightman and Charlie Flowers/Ludas Matyi (and by association Patrick ‘once sacked for racism‘ Mercer MP) claim to fight extremism yet they applaud intimidation and threats of violence against blogger Tim Ireland which are strongly reminiscent of the common or garden fascist. What is even more puzzling is they appear to also be a ‘band’ who rather than rebellion and anti establishment passion proudly associate themselves with state security services in the name of fighting ‘radical Islam’, how very Rock & Roll. It’s as if Nine Inch Nails teamed up with the CIA and released an album about how great it is to bomb Iraq… (except NIN are talented, can play and more than 3 people have heard of them). The whole thing seems so cack handed it’s enough to make you wonder if our spooks are part funding this astroturf oddment, it’s Terry & June dressed as punks in its cultural illiteracy.

So if the only answer to journalistic enquiry is to challenge someone to a fight we can deduce they have no arguments. I suppose it could be worse, they could be threatening to play their albums at bloggers. To those people in the ‘band’ who may not be fully aware of the odd activities of the ringleaders, I would find some musical differences quick and move on to more talented pastures.

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  1. Princess Calamity Says:

    @ askHAL @
    Hello Mr Ten Percent blogger! This blog is so inaccurate in so many ways! In fact i’m not even gonna list them. If you can, rather than going on about the Fighting Cocks or the
    Cheerleaders, why don’t you come out and meet them?
    Have you got the cojones? If u have, this is an open invite and I’ll pass it on!

  2. RickB Says:

    Priya, Your Highness, I note Progressive Islam which your name links to write about the ‘Cheerleaders’

    Why does it take ‘cojones’ to accept your invitation, do you bar women?

  3. Dave Semple Says:

    What next, hippy music praising global warming perhaps?

    PS, I think he says you need cojones because he wants a fight. Brave of him eh?

  4. RickB Says:

    Well we already have heavy metal christians!

    So not some kind of bukkake party or testicular cancer awareness teach in? Dearie me they really ought to be clearer in their juvenile taunts, this is how misunderstandings start.

  5. Princess Calamity Says:

    I’m a girl you sexists. :/
    we don’t bar women at all, most of us are women. If you’re too far away to meet us, come to our FB group and debate it properly. We’re pro-muslim, and I really don’t think you lot know what we’re about 🙂

    • earwicga Says:

      “This blog is so inaccurate in so many ways! In fact i’m not even gonna list them.”

      If this is the level of your debate, then your FB group must be fantastic!

  6. RickB Says:

    I never said you weren’t, just that your testicular obsession sounded as if women were barred from your invites. I would have to say that for being pro Muslim some Islamophobes seem to associate themselves with you, I would sort that out if you want to be taken seriously likewise the associations with security services. As you control the FB group, you are looking to move debate to a space you control and as people associated with you have proved themselves less than honest that would be a fool’s errand. This is an open forum, the only things that will get you dumped are outright hate speech and publishing personal details.

    So what are you about?

  7. Princess Calamity Says:

    come to the Facebook group and find out.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. RickB Says:

    Happy Holidays!

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