Neocon Rory Stewart Was An MI6 Operative

Rory Stewart currently vying for selection as a Tory candidate, as Craig Murray reveals

One person I would not vote for is the crusading neo-Conservative Rory Stewart. It is particularly annoying that he is constantly referred to as a former diplomat. Stewart was an MI6 officer and not a member of the FCO.

Three years ago I received a message from the FCO asking me not to mention this as, at that time, Stewart was still very active for MI6 in Afghanistan and his life could have been endangered. I agreed, and even removed a reference from my blog. However now that he is safely and lucratively ensconsed at Harvard, I see no reason to conceal the truth. I is necessary to reveal this so that people can correctly evaluate his political pronouncements on Iraq and Afghanistan, and his motives in making them.


2 Responses to “Neocon Rory Stewart Was An MI6 Operative”

  1. Jotman Says:

    I’m curious how having spoken out against escalating the war in Afghanistan qualifies someone a “crusading neo-Conservative?” Stewart has lots of experience in the region, whatever his politics or affiliations. That’s the main reason people will listen to what he has to say.

    If Craig Murray wants to hold out for an ideological soul mate, that’s his prerogative. But by seeking to discredit an accomplished opponent of the war, Murray is not doing the people of Afghanistan any favors.

  2. RickB Says:

    He has but what are his motives? And his criticism seemed more of the wrong war than war is wrong, he supported the Iraq invasion at the time and you have to wonder what he was doing on these journeys given his secret service work. For a former MI6 officer to take a Human Rights chair at Harvard is very problematic, we know they colluded in torture. Spooks use lies and forgery as basic tools of the trade, how do we know he is being honest now, or he ever was? What agendas has he served through misinformation?

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