Confront The BNP, Apply To Be In Question Time Audience

Click here to apply to be in the audience. (I thought it was Hull on the 22nd -as the site schedule still says- UAF say London 22nd).

PS. Looking at the form why is there a question about Iraq, a litmus test WTF?

Video & Eye Witnesses Actually Deemed Enough Evidence To Prosecute A G20 Cop

I guarantee you if there was no video this would not even be happening, This Camera Kills Fascists. If you go on a demo, go with camera, make sure it’s charged and plenty of memory space to record. We have to be our own CCTV, because it oddly never works in the vicinity of security force crimes…

Golpistas Maintain Form, Close Media Suspend Constitution

It would be fascinating to hear, no strike that, tedious in the extreme to hear how coup supporters argue this is a democratic regime, expelling OAS reps, closing media and suspending the constitution so that –The measure empowers police and soldiers to arrest without a warrant “any person who poses a danger to his own life or those of others”

Not to mention assassination of journalists and the death of a protester from being gassed by police. English speaking corporate media (shall we say anglosphere) are not falling over themselves to translate this news and report it…funny that.

Honduras Monday

Tensions rose in Honduras on Sunday in anticipation of fresh unrest after ousted leader Manuel Zelaya urged his supporters to stage a final offensive and coup leaders responded with a harsh warning to Brazil.

Raising the stakes further, meanwhile, five members of the Organization of American States were detained for six hours at the international airport in Honduras Sunday and four were expelled as they were attempting to enter the country, John Biehl, the only OAS official to enter the country, told AFP.

Farm workers from across Honduras were descending on the capital to voice support for Zelaya, religious leader Andres Tamayo told AFP from inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where the deposed president has been holed up since he made a surprise return almost one week ago.

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