Neoliberals Entrench In Germany But There Is Hope

Exit polls issued by German state television revealed that Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and its sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), had secured 33.5%, with the Free Democrats (FDP) taking 15%, giving a clear Bundestag majority of at least 308 seats.

The results bring an end to an unwieldy four-year “grand coalition” between the CDU and the Social Democrats.

The new government is expected to define itself by tax-cutting measures and a push to extend the lives of nuclear power plants whose planned phase-out was one of the main policy achievements of a previous centre-left government.

It was a night of bitter defeat for the Social Democrats, who suffered their worst result for 60 years. The party secured only 22.5% – a drop of almost 12% since the last election.

The Greens secured 10%, an increase of 2.3%, and the extreme-left Links party took 12.5%, an increase of 3.8%.

Weirdly Merkel says

“I want to be the chancellor of all Germans, so that things improve for our country, especially in such a moment of crisis.”

Yet she is gleefully aligning with the most right wing party rather than the previous coalition with the SPD, so big surprise, neoliberals talk a good sales pitch then rule in favour of the top 5%. Privatisation, deregulation and sweeping the causes of the ‘crisis’ under the mat until it creates another one that will further move public capital into corporate hands. As her new coalition partners the FDP say-

government “as extensive as necessary, and as limited as possible” so viel Staat wie nötig, so wenig Staat wie möglich

How Reaganite in its misdirection. So what is the hope, well look at the results

Picture 2

The real Left outside of the SPD took  23.1% in a growing trend, once the rump supporters of the SPD wake up they or the older traditional voters pass on the younger Germans who have seen the lack of real representation from the SPD may further increase the  support for Greens/Linke. If those two and progressive SPD elements can work together a genuine leftwing progressive government could come about in the next election. Less factionalism and more reason, the planet will not support us operating as unfettered capitalists, the future is Democratic Ecosocialism or…we don’t have a future.

NB. These are exits polls via TV so it’s not written in stone and actually counting votes rather than rely on what we are told.

And…Linke should be clear about DDR and Nazi legacies in Germany and make civil liberties and ant-racism central tenets of their policies at all times.


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  1. libhomo Says:

    Merkel won using a tactic the Bush regime used to keep the 2004 election close enough to steal: phony Al Qaeda threats.

  2. RickB Says:

    Wow, yes, I should of included that, it was so transparent, ooh look an election in a few weeks and guess what suddenly high profile arrests, the terror is under you bed!!! Run to the security of mein leader!!!!!!!!

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