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There is a real danger that the best chance for accountability and justice for civilians in Gaza and Israel could be lost in the next few days – we need as many people as possible to email David Miliband right now to prevent this from happening.

An independent UN fact-finding mission into the Gaza conflict has just published its findings. This major report outlines powerful evidence of war crimes and other violations of international law on both sides, consistent with the results of Amnesty’s own investigations. And the UK Government is reviewing it right now.

The UN Human Rights Council will debate the report next Tuesday (29 September), when a vote will be taken on how its recommendations should be acted upon.

Alarmingly, we understand that the UK Government (a member of the council) is not planning to support key recommendations, which Amnesty believe offer the best chance of ensuring justice and accountability, as a well as a deterrent to future conflicts. Instead, they appear to be taking a lead from the US Government in dismissing the findings.

War criminals are literally getting away with murderAct now

There can be no long-term peace and security in the Middle East without an end to impunity – please email David Miliband today and urge him to support the Goldstone Report.


Kristyan Benedict

Campaign Manager
Crisis Response & Country Priorities

2 Responses to “Email David Miliband… Now!”

  1. earwicga Says:

    E-mailed, but there’s not a chance that Miliband will take a different stance to the US’s stance. He’s a member of the spineless New Labour;Shower of Shit.

  2. RickB Says:

    Good, I hope everyone does, I share your scepticism but we can but try, already the ‘peace process’ is yet another game of Israel does what it wants and if the Palestinians object they are labelled the ones not wanting peace. We have to support a just process or this goes on and the ethnic cleansing until a terrible end stage.

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