How to Trap a President in a Losing War

Latest By Tom Engelhardt is worth reading, (though how much Obama really disfavours war I think is debatable) empires always become a support mechanism for a military parasite, an army with a rump -increasingly undemocratic- homeland attached. A simple anecdotal survey of the ubiquity of the Support the Troops mantra in service of warfare (not welfare) across all parties gives it away, small excerpt-

It’s one thing for the leaders of a country to say that war should be left to the generals when suddenly embroiled in conflict, quite another when that country is eternally in a state of war. In such a case, if you turn crucial war decisions over to the military, you functionally turn foreign policy over to them as well. All of this is made more complicated, because the cast of “civilians” theoretically pitted against the military right now includes Karl W. Eikenberry, a retired lieutenant general who is the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Douglas Lute, a lieutenant general who is the president’s special advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan (dubbed the “war czar” when he held the same position in the Bush administration), and James Jones, a retired Marine Corps general, who is national security advisor, not to speak of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The question is: will an already heavily militarized foreign policy geared to endless global war be surrendered to the generals? Depending on what Obama does, the answer to that question may not be fully, or even largely, clarified this time around. He may quietly give way, or they may, or compromises may be reached behind the scenes. After all, careers and political futures are at stake.

Meanwhile if you can spare some cash Courage to Resist need funds.

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  1. opit Says:

    ‘Heavily militarized foreign policy geared to endless global war’
    You’ve been reading the script, all right : but policy is reserved for a grade above. Just because the Yanks don’t have a recognized hereditary system of nobility doesn’t mean family politics is not entrenched. Money talks.

  2. opit Says:

    Isn’t that Sibel Edmonds story a pip? I thought the tale of the White House blowing the Brewster-Jennings network and the NOC holding down the Middle East nuclear threat desk prior to Iraq ( Iran ? ) invasion of WMD b.s. hard to top : but the Turkey mafia running al Qadea for NATO is primo hot stuff .
    And your $$$ talks response ? It isn’t criminal or illegal when you fix the game. The CIA drug racketeering money has to be good for a lot of Black Ops.

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